First Year Laboratories(Mechanics lab and Optics lab)



Research Laboratory

Green Energy Physics and Solid State Ionics Lab
(PI: Prof. Prabhakar Singh )
Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science Lab
(PI: Prof. Sandip Chatterjee )

Remote Sensing Lab
(PI: Prof. Rajendra Prasad )
Materials Science and Condensed Matter Physics Lab
(PI: Dr. Shail Upadhyay )

Remote Sensing LabFiber Optics and Photonics Lab
(PI: Dr. P. C. Pandey )
Polymer Nano-Composite Lab
(PI: Dr. Anita Mohan )

Laboratory of Sustainable Materials for Translational Research and Innovation Lab
(PI: Dr. Avanish Singh Parmar)
Information Photonics & Optical Metrology Lab
(PI: Dr. Rakesh Kumar Singh )

Crystal Growth Laboratory
(PI: Dr. Swapnil Patil)
Experimental Condensed Matter Physics Lab
(PI: Dr. Saurabh Tripathi )
Luminescent Materials and Device Development (LMDD) Lab
(PI: Dr. Sunil Kumar Singh )


Department Laboratory