Specialization: Quantum Many-Body and Information Theory

  • Broad research focus is on non-equilibrium aspects of disordered quantum systems, quantum entanglement and quantum phase transition phenomena in regular as well as frustrated spin systems, physics of localization, geometric and topological properties of quantum systems.
  • Addressing problems of fundamental importance in statistical and condensed matter physics with relevance to the experimental realization of quantum computers and information processors.
  • Current activity involves distinguishing integrable and non-integrable quantum systems, interface of fractional quantum Hall states, transport properties of Weyl semimetals, many-body localization and quantum synchronization.
  • Working on quantum thermodynamics of heat engine with multiferroic spins, fidelity enhancemed quantum state transfer across spin channels, entanglement dynamics in Nitrogen Vacancy Center in diamond.




Dr. Sunil Kumar Mishra

Dr. Rajeev Singh