Functional Ceramics

Functional Ceramics and thin-film nanostructures are the pioneer field of research and recently attracted a lots of attention for many applications in electronic, oproelectronic, sensing, bio-medical devices, and energy applications. These applications were not limited to Catalysis/photocatalysis, transistors, photo detectors, photosensors, supercapacitors, molecular sensing, and disease detections, and many more. The department is currently involved in developing many related field of research, but not limited to:

  • Sustainable plasmonics for high efficiency energy and sensing applications
  • Photodetedtors & photosensors for defense and satellite applications
  • Electrolyzers for H2 generations for sustainable energy solutions for naval ships
  • Supercapacitors for high-power electric vehicles
  • High-temperature Transistors for electric vehicles

Associated Faculty Members :

  • Dr. Santanu Das
  • Dr. A. K. Dubey
  • Dr. Imteyaz Ahmad

Recent Publications:

  • Advanced Functional Materials (2024) 2311943
  • Surfaces and Interfaces (2024) 104054
  • Microchemical Journal (2024) 196, 109686
  • Nanotechnology (2023) 34 145202.
  • Applied Surface Science (2022) 609, 155354