Electrical and Electronic Ceramics

Electrical and electronic ceramics constitute a specialized category of engineered materials distinguished by their exceptional electrical properties. These ceramics are extensively employed in cutting-edge applications spanning display technology, quantum technology, memory devices, sensors, and numerous other fields. These ceramics showcase a range of characteristics, including high electrical insulation, robust dielectric strength, piezoelectricity, ferroelectricity, and semiconducting behavior, which are contingent upon their composition and structure. Piezoelectric ceramics, Dielectric ceramics, Amorphous Semiconducting Oxide ceramics, Superconductors, and Two-dimensional metal chalcogenide ceramics are few examples. The department of ceramic engineering is actively involved in research in electronic and electrical ceramics.

Associated Faculty Members :

  • Dr. Pradip Kr. Roy
  • Dr. Santanu Das
  • Dr. Pavan Pujar

Recent Publications: