Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy is a dynamic and rapidly expanding field dedicated to harnessing sustainable energy sources to meet the increasing global energy demands. It encompasses many technologies and processes that aim to generate clean, reliable, and environmentally friendly energy.

One specific area of focus within Renewable Energy is hydrogen production, which involves hydrogen extraction from renewable sources such as water or biomass. Biodiesel, derived from renewable feedstocks like vegetable oils or animal fats, provides an alternative to conventional diesel fuel. Our dedicated team is delving into developing hydrocarbon fuels from biomass. Different extents of development in techniques for torrefaction, gasification, pyrolysis, and anaerobic digestion to convert biomass into energy-rich products have been a prime focus in the department. These fuels, including biofuels and synthetic fuels, are produced from biomass or captured carbon dioxide, providing a greener alternative to fossil fuels while utilizing existing infrastructure. The waste-to-energy concept involves converting waste materials into usable forms of energy.


Solar cells, called photovoltaic cells, directly convert sunlight into electricity. They play a vital role in Renewable Energy by harnessing abundant and renewable solar energy. Advancements in solar cell technology from the department have significantly improved its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Process intensification is a key aspect of Renewable Energy, aiming to optimize energy production processes and enhance efficiency. It involves the integration of various technologies, design modifications, and operational enhancements to improve resource utilization and reduce energy losses, and our team is shining high there.


Renewable Energy encompasses diverse technologies and processes, including hydrogen production, biodiesel, hydrocarbon fuels, solar cells, biomass utilization, bioremediation, waste-to-energy, and process intensification. With the increasing global emphasis on sustainability and reducing carbon emissions, Renewable Energy offers promising solutions for a cleaner and more sustainable future energy landscape.

Group Leaders:

Dr. Bhawna Verma, Dr. Durga Prasad A, Dr. Hiralal Pramanik, Dr. J. P. Chakraborty, Dr. Manoj K Mondal, Dr. Pradeep Kumar, Dr. Pradeep Kumar Mishra, Dr. R. S. Singh, Dr. Rajesh Upadhyay, Dr. Ravendra Gundlapalli, Dr. Ravi P. Jaiswal, Dr. Sanjay Katheria, Dr. Sweta, Dr. Vijay Laxmi Yadav