Bioscience & Technology

Bioscience & Technology is an interdisciplinary field that combines biology and technology to explore and innovate in life sciences. By integrating principles from various scientific disciplines, including biology, engineering, and more, this field strives to develop cutting-edge solutions and advancements. The primary focus lies in understanding biological systems at the molecular and cellular levels and utilizing this knowledge to create applications and technologies with wide-ranging implications.

Our department strongly emphasizes developing Point-of-care Devices and bio-mimetics, drawing inspiration from nature to pioneer solutions in material science, robotics, and medical devices. Investigating bacterial streamers provides valuable insights into biofilm formation, microbial ecology, and medical applications. Cell Biology comprehensively studies cell structures, functions, organelles, and processes, which play a vital role in understanding diseases, developing novel therapies, and advancing our understanding of life through nanomedicine and DNA nanotechnology. The study of protein folding is crucial for examining protein function and developing treatments for diseases caused by misfolded proteins, such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Additionally, our department conducts research on the synthesis and photodegradation of biodegradable polymers, which have diverse applications in fields such as packaging, tissue engineering, and drug delivery. We also explore Food Technology to enhance food safety, quality, and production processes, encompassing food processing, preservation, packaging, and nutrition. Bioscience & Technology offers exciting opportunities for research, innovation, and the development of transformative technologies that can revolutionize healthcare, promote environmental sustainability, and drive advancements across various industries.

Group Leaders:

Dr. Abir Ghosh, Dr. Ankur Verma, Dr. Debdip Bhandary, Dr. Durga Prasad A., Dr. Manoj Kumar, Dr. Pradeep Kumar Mishra, Dr. Ram Sharan Singh, Dr. Satya Veer Singh, Dr. Udita U Ghosh