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Dr. Lakshmanan Kailasam
Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Area of Interest: 
Reinforcement Learning, Network Science

CSO 101 Computer Programming

Ph.D Courses
CS-7025 Selected Topics in Artificial Intelligence
CS-7001 Selected Topics in Machine Learning
CS-7021 Advanced Topics in Algorithms
CS-7013 Selected Topics in Social Network Analysis
CS-7008 Advanced Computational Mathematics
1. Phanideep Gampa, Satwik Kondamudi and K. Lakshmanan, A Tractable Algorithm for Finite-Horizon Continuous Reinforcement Learning, ICoIAS'2019 Singapore.
2. K. Lakshmanan, Accelerated Reinforcement Learning, IEEE INDICON 2017

3. K. Lakshmanan and S. Bhatnagar, Quasi-Newton Smoothed Functional Algorithms for Unconstrained and Constrained Simulation Optimization, Computational Optimization and Applications, Vol 66 Issue 3, pp. 533-556, 2017
4.  S. Bhatnagar and Lakshmanan K., Multiscale Q-learning with Linear Function Approximation, Discrete Event Dynamic Systems,  Vol 26, Issue 3, pp. 477-509, 2016
5. K. Lakshmanan, R. Ortner and D. Ryabko, Improved Regret Bounds for Undiscounted Continuous Reinforcement Learning, Proceedings of The 32nd International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML) pp. 524-532, 2015

Ph.D Computer Science and Automation, IISc Bangalore 2013
B.Tech CEG/AC Tech Anna University 2006
Post-Doc experience at IIT Bombay, University of Leoben, Austria and National University of Singapore