Specialization: Software Engineering

Our research group mostly focuses on the area of dependable and smart software development for various types of end users. We intend to set up a dependability and smart systems development lab that will provide a facility for learning the concepts by researchers, and the same can be used for conducting purposeful research in the area of software development. This facility will be available for experimenting with recent and newer technologies available at the time of research being taken up.
Our lab intends to cover all types of research that can be done in the area of software development with specific focus on the dependability quality attribute. Various ways of reusing software artefacts, structures and design experiences (best practices) need to be accommodated while pursuing such a research oriented study. One way of reusing knowledge related to a software component is to encode the knowledge in an ontology. Ontologies are considered best modelling tools to encode domain knowledge in a declarative format. In our group we focus on the ontological way of quantifying and qualifying attributes of dependability. Ontological methodology has to be developed for defining requirements of dependability and smartness in software systems. There is a need to discover novel techniques of using ontologies in requirements and design engineering so that the reasoning capabilities of ontologies can be applied to derive new information from existing knowledge and yield better quality software.

Sub Areas under Computer Vision:

  • Software Engineering, Software Architecture, Software Design Patterns
  • Distributed Computing
  • Ontologies, Semantic Technologies, Logic
  • Applying concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Software Engineering