Specialization: Networks

Network group works in different areas of network viz. Network Security, Social Networks, Peer to Peer networks, Wireless Sensor Networks etc.. One interesting problem on which group worked on is Delay Tolerant Proactive Transmission Protocol in collabration with ISRO, SAC, Ahmedabad. The proposed protocol is variation of TCP protocol for deep space (interplanetary internet). Protocol uses proactive slow start and congestion avoidance based on historic RTT values leading to 80% to 120% increase in throughput. Besides this, group is also involved in multiparty computing, mining the social network data, studying reputation management for peer to peer and other kind of networks, signed graphs and different problems in wireless sensor networks.

Sub Areas under Computer Vision:

  • Network Security
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Manets/Vanets
  • Peer to Peer Networks
  • Social Networks
  • Complex Networks