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Dr. Vijay Laxmi Yadav
Department of Chemical Engineering IIT BHU.
Area of Interest: 
Polymer Technology, Transfer Processes, Chem. Reaction Engg, Chemical Technology.

Institution Year Marks & Division Position/Rank Remarks
(Chemical Engg.)
I.T.B.H.U. 1987 I, DGPA 8.29, Elective : Polymer
Tech., Separation Processes
(Chemical Engg.)
I.T., BHU 1989 I, DGPA 8.63 B.H.U. Medal  
(Chemical Engg.)
I.T., BHU 2002     RDC Meeting held on 28.06.2004

A). Papers in Refereed Journals 

Sl. No. Author(s) Year Title Complete Reference of Journal
1 Vineeta Gautam, Karan Pratap Singh, and Vijay Laxmi Yadav 2018 Preparation and characterization of green-nano-composite material based on polyaniline, multiwalled carbon nano tubes ad carboxy methyl cellulose for electrochemical sensor applications Carbohydrate Polymers (DOI: https://doi.org/j.cabpol.2018.02.029)
2 Vineeta Gautam, Karan Pratap Singh, and Vijay Laxmi Yadav 2018 Polyaniline/multiwall carbon nanotubes/starch nanocomposite material and hemoglobin modified carbon paste electrode for hydrogen peroxide and glucose biosensing Biological Macromolecules
( DOI: https;//doi.org/10.1016/j.ijbiomac.2018.01.094)
3 Vineeta Gautam, Karan Pratap Singh, and Vijay Laxmi Yadav 2018 Polyaniline/MWCNTs/starch modified carbon paste electrode for non-enzymatic detection of cholesterol: application to real sample(cow milk) Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry(DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/s00216-018-0880-6)
4 Vineeta Gautam, Karan Pratap Singh, and Vijay Laxmi Yadav 2017 Multicomponent Template Effects-Preparation of highly porous polyaniline nanorods using crude lemon juice and its application for selective detection of catechol ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Enigineering(DOI: 10.1021/acssuschemeng.7b03705)
5 Vineeta Gautam, Karan Pratap Singh, and Vijay Laxmi Yadav 2016 Vibrational and Gravimetric Analysis of Polyaniline/Polysaccharide Composite Materials Polymer Science, Series A. Focus on Physics, 2016, Vol. 58, No. 2, pp. 206–219. © Pleiades Publishing, Ltd., 2016.
6. Vineeta Gautam, Anchal Srivastav, Karan Pratap Singh, and Vijay Laxmi Yadav 2015 Preparation and Characterization of Polyaniline, Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes, and Starch Bionanocomposite Material for Potential Bioanalytical Applications, Polymer Composite ©2015, 38:496-506, 2017
7. Baijnath, Lakhan L., Vineeta G., V.L. Yadav 2014 A Comparative study of the removal efficiency of calcium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide as precipitating agent for chromium(III) J. Civil Engg. And Env.Tech.2014,1(1):17-20
8. Verma B.,                  Yadav V.L. & Srivastava K.K. 2013 Experimental studies on Thermal Performance of a Pulsating Heat Pipe with Methanol/DI water Journal of Electronics Cooling and Thermal Control, (3), 27-34, 2013.
9. Dasgupta B.,                Yadav V.L. & Mondal M.K. 2013 Seasonal Characterization and present status of municipal solid waste (MSW) management in Varanasi, India  J Advances in Environmental Research, Vol. 2, No. 1, 51-60, 2013.
9. Verma B.,                Yadav  V.L. & Srivastava K.K. 2012 Nanofluid- An alternative fluid in Pulsating Heat Pipe/ Oscillating  Heat Pipe IOSR Journal of Electronics and Communication Engg., (3) (3), 28-37, 2012.
10. Verma B.,                 Yadav V.L. & Srivastava K.K. 2013 Experimental study on  Pulsating Heat Pipe with Al2O3 nanofluid Journal of  Enhanced Heat Transfer
11. Mishra, P.K.;   Nanagre, D.M. & Yadav, V.L. 2007 Treatment of Chromium  Bearing Wastewater using Thermal Parametric Pumping, J. Sci. Ind. Res. 66 (2007) 79-84.

B). Papers published in Conference Proceedings

S.No. Author(s) Year Title Name and Place of Conference
1. Gautam, V. and Yadav, V.L. 2011 Comparative study of adsorption behavior of Basic Brown-1, Methylene Blue and Methyl-violet on almond shell National conf. on Recent Development in Material Science, Feb 11-12, 2011, Dept. of Chemistry, Feroze Gandhi College, Rae Bareli, U.P.)
2. Yadav, V.L. 2005 Waste: Disposal and management Proc. 3rd Refresher Course in Environmental Science Feb. 5-25,2005,A.S.C. B.H.U.
3. Yadav, V.L. 2004 Relevance of Energy Audit Proc. Seminar on Energy: The Challenges in 21st Century and Environmental Assessment,Dec.8-9,2004,BHU
4. Yadav, V.L. 2003 Women Workers demand a Better Deal Proc. V Refresher Course in Women Studies, Dec 9-29,2003,ASC B.H.U.
5. Yadav, V.L. & Agrawal, B.K.D. 1995 Estimation of Vapour -Liquid Equilibrium for Toluene-Furfural system using a vapour Recirculatory still Proc. Seminar on Thermal Systems, Jan 1995 Deptt. of Mechanical Engg. ,I.T. BHU

C). Papers Presented in Conferences But Not Published

Sl. No. Author(s) Year Title
  Name and Place of Conference
1. Vineeta Gautam, Karan Pratap Singh and Vijay Laxmi Yadav
2016 Polyaniline/MWCNTs/Starch Composite Material for Hydrogen Peroxide Sensor International Conference on Recent trends in engineering and Material Sciences (ICEMS-2016), organized by Jaipur National University, dated 17 – 19 March, 2016.
2. Vineeta Gautam, Karan Pratap Sing, and Vijay Laxmi Yadav 2015 Preparation and Characterization of Polyaniline/Kaolin Composite Material National Conference on Impact of Rapid Advancements in Management, Science and Technology (IRAMST), organized by Rajshree Institute of Management & Technology Bareilly, UP, dated 26-27 December, 2015.
3. Vineeta G.,     K.P. Singh,  V.L. Yadav 2014 FTIR analysis of polyaniline and polysaccharide based composites Int. Conf. on Harnessing Engg., Tech. and Innovation for sustainable development, Punjab Univ. Chandigarh
4. Abhijeet, Vineeta G., K.P. Singh, V.L. Yadav 2014 A comparative study of Industrial binders Int. Conf. on Harnessing Engg., Tech. and Innovation for sustainable development, Punjab Univ. Chandigarh
5. Vineeta Gautam, V.L. Yadav 2014 Comparative studies for the removal of acid and basic dye from Polyaniline/MWCNT/Starch/Silica composite modified Ganga Sand”. International Conference on Future Prospects of Advancements in Biological Sciences Health Issues & International Protection at Indira Gandhi Pratishthan, Lucknow, India on 7-8 February-2014.
6. Vineeta Gautam, K.P. Singh, V.L. Yadav 2014 Modification of treated peanut shell composite material by PANI/MWCNTs/silica”. International Conference on Recent Advances in Analytic Sciences (RAAS 2014), IIT(BHU) March 27 - 29, 2014
7. Verma B.,               Yadav V.L. & Srivastava K.K. 2013 Heat  Transfer Studies in a Closed Loop Pulsating Heat Pipe 17th International Conference on Heat Pipes, Oct 13-17, 2013, Kanpur, India
8. Gautam V.,               Yadav V.L. & Khattri, S.D. 2010 Removal of Dye from wastewater using low cost adsorbents National Seminar on Impact of Environmental changes on Human Life, Nov.20-21,2010, S.S.K.G. Degree College, Alld.
9. Gautam V.,               Kumar S & Yadav, V.L. 2011 Application of peanut hull as non conventional  adsorbent for the effective removal of  Safranin-O National conf. on “Green Chemistry: An approach to meet the challenges of sustainability”,   Jan22-23.2011,M.M.H.College,Ghaziabad
10. Gautam, V. and Yadav, V.L. 2011 Comparative study of adsorption behavior of Basic Brown-1, Methylene Blue and Methyl-violet on almond shell National conf. on Recent Development in Material Science, Feb 11-12, 2011, Dept. of Chemistry, Feroze Gandhi College, Rae Bareli, U.P.)
11. Gautam V.,                Singh K.P. &  Yadav, V.L. 2011 Removal of Brilliant blue from dye wastewater using activated sand (from Ganga River)by adsorption National conf. on Current concepts and Frontier Advances in Science Educational Research, March 5-6, 2011, Dept. of Chemistry, T.D. College, Jaunpur
12. Gautam ,V., Singh, K.P.,               Kumar, S. &             Yadav V.L. 2011 Application of low cost adsorbent (treated peanut hull) for removal of coloured pollutants from wastewater effluents National Seminar on Water and Environment: challenges for water resource management in 21st century. March12-13, 2011, Dept. of Geology. Govt. MVM. Bhopal
13. Gautam ,V., Singh, K.P.,                Kumar, S. &             Yadav V.L. 2011 Ganga Sand used for the removal of Dye (Methylene blue and Methylene violet) by Adsorption method National conf. on Advancements and Futuristic Trends in Material Science, March 26-27, 2011, Deptt. of Applied Physics, Mahatama Jyotiba Phule Rohilkhand University, Bareilly
Sl. No. Name Year of Completion Title of Thesis Co-guides (if any)
M.Tech. Dissertation
1 Abhishek Kumar ongoing Composite materials  
2 Salaah Asmer ongoing Composite materials  
3 Gaurav 2017 Cationic dye removal using composites prepared from agricultural waste  
4 Saurabh Kumar 2017 Adsorptive removal of fluoride from water using peanut hull powder  
5 Vimal Kumar Upadhyay 2017 Total utilization of rice husk: generation of energy and recovery of silica gel Prof. Ram Prasad
6 Avanish Patel 2016 Low temperature synthesis of copper nanoparticle by chemical reduction technique  
7 Abhijeet 2015 Studies on water soluble adhesives  
8 Shweta 2015 Preparation of nanoadsorbents  
9 M. Singh 2015 Preparation of Bioethanol  
10 Shobhit Dixit 2014 Experimental studies on treatment of Industrial
wastewater by organic waste
11 Lakhan Lal 2014 Experimental studies on treatment of dairy waste water  
12 Baijnath 2014 Experimental studies on treatment of chromium bearing wastewater  
13 Gaurav Tyagi 2013 Treatment of Pulp and paper industrial wastewater (electrochemical method)  
14 G. Mishra 2013 Treatment of leather industry wastewater  
15 R.K. Pandey 2013 Treatment of Industrial wastewater using SBR for removing heavy metals and color  
16 Pawan K. 2012 Treatment of chromium bearing wastewater  
17 M. Hussain 2012 Industrial wastewater treatment using activated carbon  
18 Umapati Jha 2012 Studies on treatment of dye wash water by physicochemical method  
19 Vineeta Gautam 2011 Removal of dye from wastewater using low cost adsorbents  
20 Murali C. 2011 Treatment of wastewater containing reactive dyes  
21 Mahesh Siripuram 2010 Treatment of papermill effluent using thermochemical precipitation method  
22 Ajay Katiyar 2009 Treatment of Dairy Waste water  
23 S.Murti Pudi 2009 Treatment of Pulp and Paper Industrial Waste Water  
24 Maruti Kumar 2007 Treatment of dye wash water using physico-chemical methods  
25 Y.K. Daunaria 2007 Removal and recovery of chromium from DLW effluent  
26 Vijay Ratan 2006 Extraction of Natural dye from Marigold flowers  
27 C.H. Ramesh 2006 Synthesis of Biopolymers using Lactic acid  
28 Santosh Kushwaha 2001 Studies on Motion of Gas Bubbles & Gas Holdup in Bubble Column  
M.D. Thesis
01 Dr. Ranjeet Sharma 2012 Pharmaceutical Standardization of  Panchguna Taila Prof. Anand Chaudhary (IMS)
01 Arun Kumar Pal ongoing Composite membranes Prof.P..K.Mishra
02 Shobhit Dixit ongoing Composite materials with low thermal conductivity  (Registered in 2015)  
03 Rahul K. Sahu ongoing Wastewater treatment (Registered in 2015) Prof. P.K.Mishra
04 Pawan K ongoing Treatment of Industrial wastewater (Registered in 2013)  
05 R.K. Pande Ongoing
(on leave for professional employment)
Preparation and characterization of heat resistant polymers (Registered in 2013)  
06 Vineeta Gautam Thesis submitted in Jan’18 Application of composite/ nanocomposite material for the waste water treatment (Registered in 2012)  
07 Bhawna Verma 2013 Heat transfer studies on pulsating heat pipe Prof. K.K. Srivastava
08 Betty Dasgupta 2012 Studies on Biomethanation of organic fraction of municipal solid waste Dr. M.K. Mondal
Period Organization Nature of Responsibility Designation
2013-14 Women Grievance Cell of IIT(BHU) Paying attention to the problems of women in general and IIT(BHU) students in particular and suggest corrective measures to the Institute authorities Chairperson
2014-till date SC/ST Grievance Committee To pay attention to the problems of SC/ST and resolve the Grievance Member
2014-16 Senate Library Committee To consider the requirements/ problems related to library Member
2012-2017 Scholarship committee (IITBHU) Considering matters related  to various scholarships and awards Member
2012-14 Disciplinary sub committees of the Institute and Department Investigating the matters related to indiscipline Member/ chairperson
2015-16 & 16-17 Department Post graduate admission committee M.Tech and Ph.D. admissions in Chemical Engg. Chairperson: M.Tech. admissions
Ph.D. admission
2016-17 Academic Coordination Committee of Dept. To consider and compile the syllabus as per the new curriculum and coordinate the activities of DPGC/DUGC Chairperson
2015-till date DPGC To look after the matters related to Post graduate students Member till 2017 and Chairperson Sept'17 till date
2017 InSPIRE-2017 Workshop on Energy( 25th March 2017) Convenor
2016-2017 DUGC Revision of syllabus and Matters related to B.Tech. students Convenor
2012-14 DUGC Matters related to B.Tech. students Member
2016-17 Dept. Purchase Committee Purchase  related  activities Member
2008-10 Sports Board (BHU) Involved with the selections of staff and teams Chairperson of Swimming (women)
Nov’06 –Aug’09 I.T. Girls’ Hostel, B.H.U Managing and taking care of all hostel related requirements Administrative Warden
May’06 –Nov’06 G.S.M.C. IT,BHU Managing and taking care of all hostel related requirements Warden
2006-2013 Anti Ragging Squad To prevent ragging of the fresh students Member/convener
2005-09 Examination Incharge, Chemical Engg. Conducting end semester examinations/periodical tests and tabulation of the results of the department Exam I/C
2007-08 IIP Cell, BHU To facilitate Industry-Institute partnership member
2007-09 ED Cell, BHU To encourage Entrepreneurship member
2009 Deptt. of Chemical Engg. ITBHU International conference on Separation Processes (Oct 20-22, 2009) organized by the organizing Secretary
2012 UGC-ASC, BHU 1st Refresher course in Chemical Sciences (March11-31. 2012) Course coordinator
Apart from the above mentioned responsibilities, I’ve also been a member of  following committees in various capacities:
Alumni meet committee,
Convocation committee,
Admission committee (M.Tech./ Ph.D.) ,
Purchase committee of MCIIE,
Departmental research committee
Condemnation committee the department
Member of many RPEC’s of research students of Chemistry and Biochemical Engg.

  (i).      Running shield from U.P. Board for securing 3rd Rank in U.P., High School Examination, 1981
(ii).      B.H.U. Medal for standing Ist in M.Tech. (1989)

Chemical Reaction Engg. I
Chemical Technology
Process Calculations
Heat Transfer Operations
Mass Transfer II
New Separation Processes
Membrane Separation
Transport Phenomena
Polymer Science and Tech
Pharmaceutical Engg
Bioprocess Calculations
Chemical Tech Lab,
Mass Transfer Lab,
Fluid flow Lab,
Heat Transfer Lab.
Polymer Tech Lab.
Chem. Reaction Engg. Lab
B.Tech. Project
B.Tech.Seminar and GD
M Tech Seminar
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