Dr. Ravi P. Jaiswal

Associate Professor
Department/School/Unit Name
Department of Chemical Engineering & Technology
Phone No(s): 9990747853
Email: ravi.che@iitbhu.ac.in
Area of Interest: Fabrication of Solar Cells, Green Energy, Industrial Wastewater Treatment, Etching and Cleaning in Semiconductor Processing, Adhesion, Colloids and Surface Science
  • PhD in Chemical Engineering , Purdue University, USA (Dec-2008)
  • B-Tech in Chemical Engineering , IIT Kanpur, India (Jun-2004)

1. Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi, India, [Jun 2023 – Present]

2. Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi, India, [Oct 2015 – Jun 2023]

3. Research Scientist, MEMC Electronic Materials Inc.(aka SunEdison), St. Peter, MO, USA, [Feb 2011 - Jun 2014]

4. Process Technology Development Engineer, Intel Corp. Hillsboro, OR, USA, [Feb 2009- Feb 2011]

1. BIC (Best-in-Class) Recognition for Technology Transfer in Wet-Etch module during production of the i-Core products (i3/i5/i7)Intel Corp., Hillsboro, OR, USA (2010)

2. Leighton H. Peebles Award for Outstanding PhD Thesis in Adhesion Science, The Adhesion Society, Savanna, GA, USA (2009)

3. General Proficiency Medal, IIT Kanpur, India (2004): Best outgoing student in B-Tech, CHE

4. Ajai Agarawal Memorial Best Student Award, IIT- Kanpur, India (2004): Best academic performance in 2 consecutive years (Sophomore-Junior)

Courses offered

  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Heat and Mass Transfer
  • Nano Science & Technology

Research Interests
A. Photovoltaic Solar Energy
We are interested in exploring and augmenting the current understanding of photovoltaic devices, such as silicon solar cells , dye-sensitized and perovskite solar cells , with the goal of increasing their overall efficiencies. A photovoltaic device is basically a multi-layered structure comprised of the p-n junction, transparent electrodes, metallic contacts, anti-reflection coating, and packaging materials. The competency of a solar technology is evaluated on the basis of the operating efficiency per unit of currency spent. Hence, there is always a push to lower the cost and enhance the efficiency to make solar technology more economically competitive. We are interested in reducing the optical, electrical, and thermal losses incurred in modern photovoltaic devices. Specifically, we are looking into ways to effectively utilize the incident sunlight, prevent recombination pathways, and manage the heat budget for the higher overall efficiency of the solar devices.
B. Remediation and Recycle of Industrial Wastewater, and Green Energy
We are interested in degrading recalcitrant contaminants present in the wastewater effluents of various industries such as petrochemicals, pharmaceutical, textiles, steel, etcetera. We are particularly working on physical, chemical, and biological routes or a hybrid process for capturing and detoxifying dyeing, pharmaceutical, and other inorganic and organic contaminants present in the wastewater. Our ultimate goal is to develop an efficient and cost-effective process for treating industrial wastewater on a large scale, as well as to investigate ways to reuse the treated wastewater to enable a sustainable industrial water ecosystem.

C. Etching and Cleaning in Semiconductor Processing, and Adhesion
Etching and cleaning processes, which are used repeatedly in the manufacturing of a semiconductor device, are required to remove particulate contaminants without causing any damage to the underlying substrates. It necessitates a thorough understanding of the interfacial forces at the solid-solid interface, as well as strict control over the process parameters. We are interested in engineering the adhesion characteristics at the solid-solid and solid-fluid interfaces.

Sponsored Projects
1. Direct Cooling of the Silicon Photovoltaic Module Enabled by Modification of the Backside EVA-Layer, Early Career Research Award  by SERB/DST, [INR 41.5 Lakhs], 2019-22
2. Institute Start-up Fund, By IIT-BHU, [INR 10 Lakhs], 2016-17

Journal Reviewer

1. Langmuir

2. Solar Energy

3. Journal of environmental management

4. Environmental science and pollution research

5. Water, air & soil pollution

6. Applied biochemistry and biotechnology

7. Biochemical engineering journal

8. Journal of water process engineering

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1. An Improved Photovoltaic Module with Direct Internal Cooling Feature [Filed, No. 202211050095]


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    Current Ph. D. Students

    Current M. Tech. Students
    1. Ms. Anupama Singh

    2. Ms. Rubal Jain

    Graduated Alumni of our Research Group

    1. Ph.D. Students

    1. Mr. Ravi K. Sonwani (Advisor: Prof. B.N. Rai, Co-advisor: Dr. Ravi P. Jaiswal): Thesis: Process Design and Optimization of Bioreactors for the Treatment of Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Dyes using Isolated Bacterial Species (Aug 2016 - Apr 2021)

    Current position: Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering,  Indian Institute of Petroleum & Energy, Visakhapatnam, AP

    2. Mr. Anuj Chaturvedi (Advisor: Dr. Ravi P. Jaiswal, Co-advisor: Prof. R.S. Singh): Thesis: Mineralization and Detoxification of Dyeing Wastewater Using Integrated Ozonation and Bioreactor System (Aug 2017 - Feb 2022)

    Current position: Lecturer, Department of Technical Education, UP

    3. Mr. Ganesh Swain (Advisor: Prof. B.N. Rai, Co-advisor: Dr. Ravi P. Jaiswal): Thesis: Biodegradation of Phenol and its Derivatives in  Packed and Moving Bed Bioreactors using Bacillus sp. Isolated from a Petroleum Site (Dec 2017 - Jan 2022)

    Current position: Assistant Professor, IIT Patna, Bihar

    4. Ms. Juhi Singh (Advisor: Dr. Ravi P. Jaiswal): Thesis: Material and Process Optimization in Dye Sensitized Solar Cell for Efficiency Enhancement (Aug 2017 - Sep 2023)

    Current position: Kingfa S&T. Ltd.

    1. M.Tech. Students

    1. Mr. Abhishek Sharma (2016-18)

    2. Mr. Rajneesh Kumar (2016-18)

    3. Mr. Avan Kumar (2017-19), Current position: PhD at IIT Delhi

    4. Ms. Shreya Chowdhury (2017-19), Current position: PhD at IISc Bangalore

    5. Mr. Pankaj Kumar (2017-19)

    6. Ms. Priya Srivastava (2018-20), Current position: Consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), Ltd.

    7. Mr. Ritu Raj (2018-20), Current position:

    8. Mr. Deepesh Porwar (2019-21)

    9. Mr. Yash Srivastava (2019-21), Current position: PhD at IIT Roorkee

    10. Mr. Bhawani Singh (2019-21)

    11. Mr. Armaan Swaroop (2020-22), Current position: Engineer at RCF (Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd.)

    12. Mr. Mohit Upadhyaya (2020-22), Current position: Engineer at Tata Steel Ltd.

    13. Mr. Ashutosh Nandwana (2020-22)

    14. Mr. Prateek Rituraj (2021-23), Current position: Research Engineer at Reliance Solar Energy

    15. Mr. Himanshu Singh (2021-23), Current position: Research Engineer at KBR Ltd.

    1. B.Tech. Students:
    1. Mohan Aditya Sabbineni (Current position: PhD at University of Minnesota, USA)

    **Self-funded students, such as JRFs, PMRFs, and PDFs from engineering and science backgrounds, who aspire to work in the fields of solar energy, hydrogen production, wastewater treatment, semiconductor processing, adhesion, and colloids and interfacial engineering are encouraged to email me for more information.