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Dr. Hiralal Pramanik
Associate Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering and Technology, IIT BHU.
Area of Interest: 
•Fuel cell –DAFC, PEMFC, URFC & Microfluidic Fuel cell •Electrochemical Engineering •Energy Engineering• Petroleum Refinery Engg, Biodiesel & Pyrolysis

Teaching Experience:

  •  Associate Professor, IIT(BHU), 2015-present
  • Assistant Professor, IIT (BHU), 2005-2015
  • Lecturer , UPES, Dehradun, 2005

Sponsored/Consultancy/Institute  Projects:
1. DST, New Delhi (UNDER SERC FAST TRACK PROPOSAL FOR YOUNG SCIENTISTS), “Development of Air Breathing Microfluidic Fuel Cell for the Direct use of Ethanol as   Fuel  for Power Generation”, 24.69 Lakh, (2013-2016); PI.
2.  Institute Research Project (For Individual Faculty) on "Development of Unitized Regenerative Fuel Cell (URFC) for In-Situ Production of Hydrogen and Electricity", 14.47 Lakh,(2017-2019); PI.
3. CERD, IIT(BHU) Sponsored Project on " Development of high temperature direct alcohol fuel cell (DAFC) for power generation",        7 Lakh, (2016-17), PI.
4. Institute Project under the scheme Sprouting Grant for Faculty on "Energy", 15 Lakh, (2014-2015); PI.
5. UGC, New Delhi sponsored project Under “Joint Obama-Singh 21st Century Knowledge Initiatives on “Energy”,1.25 Crores,  (2012-2014); (Co-PI).
6. UGC (Minor Project Grant), “Modeling on Direct Ethanol fuel Cell (DEFC)” , 0.5 Lakh, (2008-2010); PI.
7. MHRD, Govt. of India     Under FAST Scheme “Centre for Energy and Resources Development “   2.44 Crores, (2014-16); Co-PI.

Research Interests:

  • Fuel cell –DAFC, PEMFC, URFC & Microfluidic Fuel cell
  • Electrochemical Engineering
  • Energy Engineering
  • Biodiesel & Pyrolysis


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