• Glass and Glass Ceramics
    Work is in progress for the development of special coloured glasses, infrared filter glasses suitable for night vision and high density radiation shield glasses. Stains for sheet glasses with copper and silver and heat resistant coating on glasses are being developed. Studies on different micronutrient glasses have been carried out for their suitable application in agriculture for different soil conditions.  Click for details...
  • RefractoriesSintering and micro-structural studies of refractory oxides like Al2O3, ZrO2, Mgo, Cr2O3 etc. are carried out to attain the maximum sintered densities and desirable microstructure so that optimum refractory properties are obtained in the end product. , Click for details...
  • Electrical and Electronic Ceramics
    Valence compensated solid solution systems of the type A1-xAx'B1-xB'xO3 show interesting electrical and dielectric properties. Valence compensated perovskites are formed by substituting the cations at A and B site with heterovalent cations in equivalent amounts to maintain electrical charge neutrality and to reduce the electrical strains in the crystal structure.   Click for details...
  • Cement and Advanced Building Materials
    Portland cement concrete lands itself to a variety of innovative designs as a result of its many desirable properties. Concrete inherently is brittle and weak in tension. Several methods have been developed to impart ductile behavior. Broadly these can be grouped as mechanical and chemical methods. Click for details
  • Bio-glass and Ceramics
    During the last two decades ceramic materials have become widely used in many medical applications, hip prosthesis, cardiac valves and dental implants. Hydroxyapatite (Hap) seems to be the most appropriate ceramic material for artificial teeth or bones due to excellent biocompatibility and bioactivity.. Click for details