Specialization: Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering is one of the disciplines of civil engineering concerned with the study of soil, its behaviour and application as an engineering material. Geotechnical engineering is not only important in civil engineering but also in mining, petroleum, military and other engineering disciplines that are concerned with the construction which is built on the surface or within the ground. Apart from testing and classification of various types of soils in order to know its physical properties, the knowledge of soil mechanics is particularly helpful in the design of foundation, pavements, underground and earth retaining structures, embankments and earth dams. So the field of geotechnical engineering is very vast. Various subjects which is related to geotechnical engineering like advanced soil mechanics, geotechnical exploration, soil settlement, soil-structure interaction, soil-dynamics, advanced shear strength and computer aided design of soil, rock mechanics etc. are taught by renowned professors in geotechnical department. Aim of this department is to encourage the student for research work which is helpful for the prosperity of the nation .