Dr. Asha Gupta

Assistant Professor
Department/School/Unit Name
Department of Chemistry, IIT-BHU
Phone No(s): 6390363140
Email: asha.chy@iitbhu.ac.in
Area of Interest: Energy Storage devices (Lithium-ion, Sodium Ion battery, Supercapacitors), Heterogeneous Catalysis, Electrochemistry, Photocatalysis, Catalyst for green and renewable energy, First-Principles Density Functional Calculations

Dr. Asha Gupta
Assistant Professor

BSc: St. Xavier's College, University of Calcutta,2004
MS: Indian Institute of Science, 2007
PhD: Indian Institute of Science, 2010
Post-Doctorate: University of Texas at Austin, from 2011-2016

Dr.Asha Gupta is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry, IIT-BHU, Varanasi. She received her bachelor's degree in Chemistry Honours from St. Xavier's College (affiliated to University of Calcutta), thereafter she got selected for Integrated Ph.D. scholarship offered  by IISc, Bangalore. She earned her PhD in solid state and materials chemistry from SSCU, IISc Banglore. She did her post-doctoral research work with Prof. John B. Goodenough, Noble Laureate Chemistry 2019, University of Texas at Austin,USA from 2011-2016.

  • Qualified for Integrated PhD Scholarship (MS + PhD), 2004 program in the premier institute of Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore. The selection for procedure is very stringent; it is conducted though national level entrance exams. Also got selected in other premier research institutes like IIT Chennai, IIT Roorkee and BHU for postgraduate studies.                                                          
  • Received Best Poster Award in 2007 for poster entitled ‘Photocatalytic activity of solution combustion synthesized nano-Ti1–xMxO2–δ (M=Pd, Pt, Ag)’ in an in-house symposium conducted at Solid State and Structural Chemistry Unit (SSCU), IISc, Bangalore.                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  • Got a score of 1510 out of 1600 in GRE (790 out of 800 in Maths, 720 out of 800 in English), and was offered a PhD scholarship at Pennsylvania State University in 2007.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
  • Member of ESSI- Member of Energy Science Society of India, 13th March, 2016.


  1. HIGH CAPACITANCE ELECTRODE FOR PSEUDOCAPACITORS AND A METHOD OF PREPARING THE SAME, Asha Gupta, Preetam Singh and Rajiv Prakash, 2017, Application No. 201711007782.


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   P.hD Students 

S.N Name of Students Year of Registration Research Interest Contacts
1 Vishal Kumar Kushwaha Dec 2017 Energy Storage Device (Pseudocapacitor)

Mobile No. +917905422202

Email: vishalkkush.rs.chy17@itbhu.ac.in

2 Vaishali Soni July 2018 Photocatalyst and Electrocatalyst

Mobile No. +916386502162

Email: vaishalisoni.rs.chy18@itbhu.ac.in

3 Shraddha Jaiswal Dec 2018 Cathode Materials for metal-ion batteries

Mobile No: +918318124445

Email: shraddha.jaiswal.rs.chy18@itbhu.ac.in

Undergraduate students:

Shashank Kumar (co-supervisor, completed)
Bhavik Patel (supervisor)
Harish Chakravarthy (co-supervisor)
Siddharth Malani (co-supervisor)
Rinish Reddy (co-supervisor)

Event Organized 

  1. 3rd National Conference of Materials for energy conversion and storage (MECS-2018), in association with Energy Science Society Of India (ESSI) at IIT(BHU), Varanasi. (between 18 - 20 October, 2018).
  2. INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON BEYOND FOSSIL FUELS: The Future of Alternative Energy Technologies [B:FAT 2020], in association with Energy Science Society Of India (ESSI) and SRM Institute of Science & Technology, at IIT(BHU), Varanasi. (between 23 - 25 July, 2022).

Guest Lecture/Invited Talk/Session Chair

  • Invited Speaker- 2nd National Conference on Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage (MECS-2016)- Pondicherry University, Puducherry, India. 11-13th March, 2016.   
  • Invited Talk, 2nd Conference on Heterogeneous Catalysis (ChemCatCon2.0), IIT Gandhinagar, 14-16 May 2022.