Research Grants/ Projects
Externally Funded Projects Under Investigation by Fuculties of Department of Chemistry, IIT(BHU) Varanasi
S.No. Title Funding Agency Amount (in Lakh) Period Project Investigator
1 " Towards alkaline.... polypyrrole composites as potential oxygen electrocatalysts". SERB 32 2022-2026 Dr. Manisha Malviya
2 Development of Metal-Organic Framework Derived Single-Atom Catalysts for Industrial Scale Water Electrolysis and Selective Synthesis of Value-Added Products DST-DAAD 9 2022-2025 Dr. Arindam Indra
3 Development of Transition Metal Based Nanocatalysts for Bio-inspired Water Oxidation CSIR 16 2019-2023 Dr. Arindam Indra
4 Development of Photo-activated Transfer Hydrogenation Catalysis for Next Generation Cancer Therapy DST-Inspire 35 2021-2026 Dr. Samya Banerjee
5 Development of Stable and Tethered Os(II)-based Catalysts for Reductive Stress Mediated Photo-catalytic Anticancer Activity SERB 29.23 2022-2024 Dr. Samya Banerjee
6 Bioactivation of Cyclopentadienyl Rings in Organometallic Complexes The Royal Society 11.97 2021-2023 Dr. Samya Banerjee
7 Proof of concept of developing in-cell reductive stress by Ir(III) transfer hydrogenation catalysts BRNS 22.3 2022-2025 Dr. Samya Banerjee
8 New “metabolite-amyloids” hypothesis for the origin of life SERB 29 2021-2023 Dr. Pandeeswar Makam
9 Design, Function, and Utilization of Multifunctional Surface Coatings for Next-Generation Lithium-ion Batteries SERB 33.06 2021-2023 Dr. Rosy
10 IKS@IITBHU(Varanasi) IKS cell of AICTE, GoI 40 2022-2024 Dr. V. Ramanathan
11 Exploring mineral acids in Rasayana Shastra texts from ancient and medieval India IKS cell of AICTE, GoI 10 2022-2024 Dr. V. Ramanathan
12 Digital TXSHILA SHRI, DST 528.74 2022-2025 Co-PI: Dr. V. Ramanathan
(PI: Mohan Raghavan, IITH)
13 IKS center at SAMVIT IKS cell of AICTE, GoI 40 2022-2024 Co-PI: Dr. V. Ramanathan
(PI: Dr. H Revathi, Samvit, Bangalore)
14 MRI studies of mantra chanting SHRI, DST 120 2022-2025 Co-PI: Dr. V. Ramanathan
(PI: Prof. Rama Jayasundar, AIMS, New Delhi)
15 Development of magnetically recyclable visible light photocatalysts for H2O2 production. BRNS 34.05 2019-2023 Dr. Indrajit Sinha