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Dr. Rajesh Rai
Associate Professor
Department of Mining Engineering IIT BHU
Area of Interest: 
Rock Mechanics and Slope stability

  • Slope Stability analysis for rock slope
  • Mine dump stability analysis
  • Effect of coal mine subsidence on health of plants,
  • Stability analysis of Mine embankment
  • Economic evaluation of air pollution on society,
  • Economic Impact analysis
  • Landslide stability analysis
  • Artificial intelligence

Total Consultancy and Research  Projects = 40

  • Slope stability of Gare Palma IV_8 of Amubja Cement Limited 
  • Slope stability study for Rajmahal OCP Godda jharkhand
  • Scientific Study of Slope Stability for Open Pit, Internal dump and Slope Monitoring Plan
  • Contiguous Pile/ Anchor wall Stabilization Design For DLF CAPITAL GREENS - IV PROJECT
  • Geotechnical Investigation of Slope Stabilization practices Limestone Mine of Ambuja Cements Limited, Rajasthan
  • Dump slope Stability along with safe Mining method at Bhanegaon Open Cast Coal Mine, Nagpur Area, WCL
  • Soldier Pile/ Anchor wall Stabilization Design For  WESTIN HOTEL PROJECT
  • Slope stability analysis of Krishnashila Opencast Coal Mine
  • Slope stability analysis of Ameila Opencast coal Mine
  • Slope Stability analysis for Bithnok Mine Project, Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limited (NLCL)
  • Slope Stability test for Amelia (North) OCM, Jaiprakash Power Ventures Limited,
  • Slope stability analysis of internal and external dump of Krishnashila OCP, Northern Coal Field Limited
  • Blast Vibration Study of Chatuburu Iron Ore mines, Bhushan Power & Steel Limited
  • Evaluation of Alternative mining system and social cost benefit analysis, Chhattisgarh Mineral Development Corporation Limited
  • Dump Stability at Mungoli OCM, Western Coalfields Limited (WCL)
  • Embankment Study Against Wardha River, Western Coalfields Limited (WCL)
  • Slope Stability Study for Eastern Quarry of Pakri Barwadih coal Block,  National thermal power corporation (NTPC)
  • Slope Stability for Karanjia China Clay Mines,Mangilall Rungta
  • Soil Retaining/ Excavation work at Factory building t plot no 28, dif industrial l area, moti nagar, Indigo Infra Limited
  • Slope Stability for Jauramunda-Kulenbahal Limestone and Dolomite Mines,    Rungta Sons Private limited
  • Soldier Pile/ Anchor Wall Stabilization Design, (for The Crest Project in Dlf City, Phase - V, Gurgaon)    Indigo Infra Limited
  • Soil Profile & Design Commercial Building at ‘Gurgaon One Project’ EMAAR Mgf,Indigo Infra Limited
  • Soil Stabilization for Archon Estate Project, 9, Tolstoy Marg, Connaught Place 2014,Indigo Infra Limited
  • Land Subsidence Due to Extraction of Oil and Gas From PKGM-1  Block in KG Basin,Cairn India Ltd., Gurgaon
  • Design Analysis of Cut Slopes Protection of Slopes with Grouted self Drilling Nails Geomesh & Wiremesh, Indigo Infra Limited
  • Wall-4 Slope Stabilization Design for  DLF Homes, Panchkula, DLF Homes Panchkula Pvt Ltd,Indigo Infra Limited


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