Rock Mechanics Laboratory

MTS Rock and Concrete mechanics testing systems are designed for laboratory experiments on materials ranging from soft sandstone to high strength reinforced concrete and high strength brittle rock. The high-capacity, high-stiffness design of the load frames coupled with high-response servo-hydraulics, digital control technology, application software and complete accessory packages, provide an extremely versatile tool for investigation of the complete deformation behaviour of rock and concrete over a wide range of testing conditions.

  • Uniaxial Compression Tests
  • Indirect Tension (Brazil) Test for Rock
  • Indirect Tension Test for Concrete
  • Direct Tension Test
  • Fracture Toughness Test
  • Creep Test

This laboratory has following equipments for testing of a rock specimen or material

  • Tape Extensometers
  • Load Cell of different capacities
  • Borehole Extensometer
  • V.W. Read Out Unit
  • Large Insitu Shear Box test instrument (fabricated within the department)
  • Gas Chromatography Equipment


Mine Planning and Design Labroatory

The thrust is on beneficiation of low grade ores and minerals to meet the requirements of quality raw materials for process industries. The run-of mine ore normally contains valuable minerals associated with unwanted gangue minerals. Beneficiation/upgradation of the low grade ores and minerals generally involves combinations of the ore to achieve liberation of valuable minerals from the gangues followed by their separation exploiting the difference in physical and physico-chemical properties. Laboratory/bench scale studies involve beneficiation involving classification, gravity separation, magnetic separation, electrostatic/high tension separation and froth flotation. .


Mine environment and pollution control Laboratory

  • Gas Chromatography Equipment Spectrophotometer
  • Lux Meter (light measuring instruments)
  • Zetapotential Meter
  • Noise Dosimeter
  • Sound Level Meter
  • Titrator
  • Petrological Microscope
  • Power Sound Source


Mineral Processing and Benefication Laboratory


Mining Machinery Laboratory


Mining Geology Laboratory