Dr. Bhardwaj Pandit

Assistant Professor
Department/School/Unit Name
Department of Mining Engineering IIT (BHU)
Phone No(s): 9591062202
Email: bhardwajp.min@itbhu.ac.in
Area of Interest: Rock Mechanics, Probabilistic Analysis, Geotechnical Engineering, Numerical Modelling

I am an Assistant Professor in the department of Mining Engineering, IIT - BHU, Varanasi. Prior to this, I was at IIT(ISM) Dhanbad, as an assistant professor in Mining engineering for one year.

I did my PhD in Civil Engineering from IISc Bangalore. My area of expertise is Rock Mechanics, Geotechnical Engineering, Numerical modeling, Rock cutting mechanics and Probabilistic analysis.

My research group is - Stochastic Geomechanics Research Group (SGRG)

Students interested to look into my work should visit my Homepage.

Prospective students with background in Civil, Mining, Mechanical Engineering and Geology are advised to contact through email - bhardwajp.min@iitbhu.ac.in

PhD    Indian Institute of Science, Civil Engineering                                      2015 – 2021

Dissertation: Reliability based analysis and design of slopes and tunnels in rock mass.

            Advisor: Prof. G L Sivakumar Babu

BTech IIT – BHU, Varanasi, Mining Engineering                                            2011 – 2015


Overview: Presence of uncertainties in natural materials such as rocks and soils are high and they significantly affect the Civil/Mining structure's stability and performance. The research work aims to quantify its effect, understand the failure mechanism and suggest geotechnical designs that remain least affected by these uncertainties. My research group focuses on developing understanding of the behavior of Geomaterials by considering the uncertainty associated with material parameters. Presently, we are working on probabilistic characterization of rock mass, reliability-based design of rock structures (Slopes, Tunnels and Caverns), stochastic fracture networks and parameter estimation using Bayesian inversion. 

In addition to this, my research Interests includes:

  • Risk Assessment in Geotechnical Structures
  • Experimental Rock Mechanics
  • Numerical modeling of geotechnical structures
  • Discrete element method
  • Rock excavation technology

IIT (ISM), Dhanbad       Dec 2021 – Dec 2022

Position: Assistant Professor, Mining Engineering

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore              Sept 2021 – Nov 2021

Position: Research Assistant in Lab of Prof. G L Sivakumar Babu, Civil Engineering

  • Probabilistic back analysis of soil slope.
  • Field visit and analysis of rainfall induced slope failure in Anshi National Park, India.

West Virginia University, USA              July 2017 – Dec 2017

Position: Visiting Scholar in Lab of Dr. Brijes Mishra, Mining Engineering

  • Development of a polyaxial platen for testing true triaxial behavior of rocks
  • Studying the mechanical behaviour of Berea sandstone under biaxial and triaxial stress states.

Google Scholar - https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=QXSSEqsAAAAJ&hl=en


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Under Graduate Level

1. Underground Metal Mining

2. Mine Planning

3. Numerical Methods in Geomechanics

1. Keynote Speaker in the online Short-Term Course on “Mountain Disaster Management: Mitigating Landslide and Earthquake Risks” organized by the Department of Civil Engineering, National Institute of Technology Hamirpur during April 5th – 9th, 2024.

2. Invited Lecture on "Safe Monitoring Practices in Tunnelling" for the officials of ITD Cementation India Limited.

3. One of the Invited participants in the theme “Mining Technology- Mastering Depth & Exploration” in INAE National Frontiers of Engineering Conclave, BIT Mesra.


IGS-YGE   2021

Indian Geotechnical Society - Young Geotechnical Engineer best paper award in Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering.

ISSMGE Foundation grant   2019

Recipient of ISSMGE Foundation grant for attending 10th Asian Rock Mechanics Symposium

MHRD Scholarship   2015

MHRD scholarship for doctoral studies

Saluja Shield   2015

All-rounder student in the department, by Mining society IIT – BHU, Varanasi

Sitaram and Sundara Banerjee Mining Platinum Jubilee Scholarship   2013

Good academic standing and demonstration of motivation and academic leadership potential in B.Tech, IIT – BHU, Varanasi

Dr. Shyam Narain Verma Scholarship   2012

Department of Mining Engineering, IIT – BHU, Varanasi


1. Prof. In-charge Department Library

2. Prof. In-charge Department website committee

3. Member, Department Purchase Committee.