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Dr. Rashmi Rekha Sahoo
Associate Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering,IIT (BHU)
Area of Interest: 
IC Engine, Automobile Engineering, Combustion Technology,Advance Thermodynamics,Alternate fuels, Automotive Cooling systems,nanofluid & hybrid nanofluid applications

Academic Qualification

  • Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering (Thermal & Fluid Engg), Indian Institute of Technology (BHU),Varanasi
  • M.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering, MNNIT, Allahabad

Professional Experience

  • Associate Professor: Mechanical Engineering, IIT (BHU), Varanasi
  • Lecturer: Mechanical Engineering, BIT Mesra, Ranchi,

Current Research Interests
Internal Combustion engine, Automobile Engineering, Combustion technology, Combustion generated pollutions, Thermodynamics, Exhaust gas recovery systems, Alternative fuels, Nanofluids and hybrid nanofluid,
Ph.D. Thesis Guidance: 5 (Ongoing)

  1. Mr. Dhruv Karana  (17131011)
  2. Mr. Chandrmani Yadav​  (17131009)
  3. Mr. A. Singh (16131502)
  4. Mr.Vikas Kumar (17131504)
  5. Mr. Ranjeet Kumar Rai (17131503)
Sl. No Name Year of Completion Title of thesis Co guide (if any)
1. Nikhil Kumar 2018 Experimental investigation on engine performance using Oxy-Hydrogen gas blended in hybrid biodiesel.  
2. Yadav Suryavan 2018 Experimental investigation on engine performance with nano biodiesel and hybrid Biodiesel  
3. Shubham Gupta 2018 Experimental investigation on engine performance with MFC based nanofuel  
4. Aniket 2018 Radiator performance comparison using glycerin and citrus lamon brine .  
5. Animesh Jain, 2017 Experimental Analysis of nanofuel additives with magnetic fuel conditioning for diesel engine performance and emissions  
6. Paras Sharma 2017 Experimantal analysis of diesel engine with Al2O3 additive in hybrid biodiesel  
7. Satis Kumar 2017 Experimental study on radiator performance with citrus lamon as brine,  
8. Ankit Singh 2017 Experimental analysis on performance of ceramic coated piston based diesel engine  
9. Asish Srivastav 2017 Experimental analysis of triobological characterstics and emission of diesel engine using CuO nano particle. Dr.S.Sharma
HOD, Noida
10. Manoj Gupta 2016 Theoritical performance analysis of microchannel radiator  
11. Shubham 2016 Theoritical analysis of heat pipe with nanofluids  
12. Atul Raj 2016 CFd analysis of flow through a plate with natural and forced convection  
13. Aklesh Singh 2016 Experimental analysis of porous media combustion IC engine  
14. Visal Khandelwal 2016 Experimental investigation of radiator performance with sugarcane juice brine as coolant  
15. Utkarsh Srivastav 2015 Radiator performance with nanofluid based graphite foam radiator  
16 Vinay Vikram Singh 2015 Theoritical analysis of offset  crankshaft engine.  
17. Umes Viswakarma 2014 Second law analysis of IC Engine thermodynamic Process  
18. Deepak 2014 Performance analysis of carbon foam fin automotive radiator  
19. Shammy Sah 2014 Theorital analysis of mini-HCCI Engine.  
20. Sweta Rajput 2013 Effect of EGR on emission and performance analysis of HCCI engine,  
21. Nitish Kumar 2013 Radiator performance with different fin configurations  
22. Ankit Singh 2013 Performance analysis of micro heat engine  
23. Abhinav Bansal, 2012 Performance and emission characterstics of gasoline based diesel engine,  
24. Gaurav Beri 2011 Theoritical Analysis of  Exhaust Gas Recirculation  on engine performance  
25. Ravindra Singh Chauhan 2011 Performance and emission characterstoics og soyabin biodiesel based diesel engine  
26. Ankita Singh 2010 Preformance characterstic of nanofluid cooledgas cooler in transcritical co2 system  
27. Devarsi Morya 2010 Perfoemance analysis of jatrofa biodiesel based on diesel engine  
28. Dheeraj Agrawal 2007 Theoritical simulation of biodiesel based diesel engine and emission Dr. J Sarkar

On Going M.Tech Projects (2018-2019)
1. Sagar Srivastava (M.Tech,2nd Year)
2.Ankur Tripathi (M.Tech, 2nd Year)
3.Sudhakar Shukla (M.Tech, 2nd Year)
4. Pulkit (IDD)
5. Rambabu (M.Tech, Part-I)
6.Ankit Rajput (M.Tech, Part-I)
7.Jitendra (M.Tech, Part-I)

  • Principal-investigator of consultancy project ‘Feasibility study of co-firing in pulverized coal boiler with Agrofuels‘, Hindalco Industries Limited (Power division), 2013.(3 lakhs)
  • Co-investigator of sprouting grant project ‘Facilities to measure liquid thermo-physical properties’, IIT (BHU) Varanasi, 2015.(20 lakhs)
  • Faculty adviser of Baja team for Design and Fabrication of ATV (2015-2018)(3.5 lakhs)
  • New technology application for low emissions from IC engines, Project Executive Summary (PES) under ,Apr.2018 (20 lakhs) (Under Process)
  • Design and Develop of WHRS through TEG and PCM, DIC Project IIT (BHU) May, 2018 (5 Lakh).      
  • Institute Project on "IR Camera"   co-investigator  (40 Lakh)
  1. Selected Journal Papers
  •  Dhruv Raj Karana, R.R.Sahoo, Influence of Geometric Parameter on the Performance of a New Asymmetrical and Segmented Thermoelectric Generator,  Energy (Elsevier), 2019, 179: 90-99.  IF-4.96


  • RK Rai, RR Sahoo, Effective power and effective power density analysis for water in diesel emulsion as fuel in diesel engine performance,- Energy, 2019 – Elsevier, Available online 23 May 2019. IF-4.96.


  • C. Yadav, RR. Sahoo. Exergy and energy comparison of organic phase change materials based thermal energy storage system integrated with engine exhaust. Journal of Energy Storage (Elsevier), 2019, EST-100773. 


  • R.R. Sahoo, V. Kumar, Optimum thermal performance analysis for wavy fin radiator with various shape nano-coolants, Advances in Automobile Engineering (EJ), 2019 (in press).IF-1.75.



  • Vikash Kumar, R.R.Sahoo Exergy and energy analysis of wavy fin radiator with various shape nanofluid as coolants, Journal: Heat Transfer—Asian Research, 2019, HTJ21478 Article DOI: https://doi.org/10.1002/htj.21478.


  • Ranjeet Ku.Rai, R.R.Sahoo, Effective efficiency and power density analysis for WiDE as fuel in diesel engine performance, 2019 DOI: https://doi.org/10.1002/htj.21423 Heat Transfer—Asian Research.


  • R.R.Sahoo, A.Jain “Experimental analysis of nanofuel additives with magnetic fuel conditioning for diesel engine performance and emissions” Fuel :236 ,2019; 365–372.


  • Chandrmani Yadav, R.R.Sahoo, Energetic and exergetic investigation on lauric and stearic acid PCM based thermal energy storage system integrated with engine exhaust, 2019. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1002/htj.2142310.1002/htj.21422.
  • M Prakash, A Sarkar, J Sarkar, JP Chakraborty, SS Mondal, RR Sahoo, Performance assessment of novel biomass gasification based CCHP systems integrated with syngas production, Energy, volume 167,379- 390. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.energy.2018.10.172.
  • Dhruv Karana, RR Sahoo, Effect on TEG performance for waste heat recovery of  automobiles using MgO and ZnO nanofluid coolants , Case studies in thermal engineering, Elsevier, 12, 2018, 358-364.


  •  ​Dhruv Karana, R.R. Sahoo, Performance effect on TEG system for waste heat recovery in automobiles using ZnO and SiO2 nanofluid coolants, DOI: 10.1002/htj.21379,2018, in press.  


  • RR Sahoo, P.Ghosh, J Sarkar, Energy and exergy comparisons of water based optimum brines as coolants for rectangular fin automotive radiator International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 2017,105, 690-696.


  • R.R.Sahoo, J.Sarkar, Heat transfer performance characteristics of hybrid nanofluids as coolant in louvered fin automotive radiator ,Heat Mass Transfer , Springer-2016 53 (6), 1923-1931.
  • RR Sahoo, P.Ghosh, J Sarkar, Performance comparison of various coolants for louvered fin tube automotive radiator,Thermal Science,2017, 21, 2871-2888.
  • R.R.Sahoo, Performance Enhancement for Wavy Fin Automotive Radiator Using Optimum PG Brine Based Nanofluids, Heat Trans Asian Research, Wiley 2016, 46 (6), 585-597.
  • R.R.Sahoo, A review on performance improvements in vehicle cooling system ( Renewable & Sustainable energy Reviews, 2017) in press.
  • R.R.Sahoo, A Singh, Experimental investigation of engine performance with porous media combustion Journal of Automotive ,2016, 13,140-145.
  • R.R.Sahoo, S. Shukla,S. Agnihotri, Design of ATV Chessis ,Journal of Automobile 2015,13 ,126-132.
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  • R.R.Sahoo, Performance enhancement in automotive radiator with different configuration (Journal of Automotive engineering,2016, 14, 317-22.
  • R.R.Sahoo, CFD analysis of heat transfer in radiator using water, EG,PG brine ass coolants. (Heat Transfer Asian res. Willey 2018). in press.
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  • R.R.Sahoo, Paras, Experimental Analysis on Engine Performance by using Palm and Mahua Hybrid Biodiesel (Journal of Biofuel 2018) under revision.
  • S. Sharma R.R.Sahoo, Analysis of Heat Transport Limitations and Heat Transfer Coefficient using (Al2O3- water) Nano Fluid inside Axially Grooved and Sintered Wick Copper Heat Pipe, (JMSME) ; Volume 3, Issue 13; April-June, 2016 pp. 243-249.
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  • R.R.Sahoo, A.Jain, An experimental Investigation on performance and emission characterstics using SiO2 additives in diesel (Journal of engine research 2017) Under Revision.

B) Papers published/presented in Conferences:



  • U.SRIVASTAVA, RR Sahoo, Performance analysis of Graphite  foam heat exchanger using Nanofluids as coolant in automotive radiators,4thInternational Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering and TechnologyCollege Of Engineering ,Teerthanker Mahaveer University [2015]
  • V.V.V.Singh, RR Sahoo, Theoretical Analysis Of Offset Crankshaft Engine, 4thInternational Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering and TechnologyCollege Of Engineering ,Teerthanker Mahaveer University [2015]
  • Deepak, RR Sahoo, Performance analysis of automotive car radiator with carbon foam fin using nanofluids,3rd International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering & Technology, March14, 15, 2014,College of Engineering, Teerthanker Mahaveer University.
  • RR Sahoo, Coolants  Performance in automotive radiator INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE On“Mechanical, Material, Industrial, Automotive, Aeronautical and Nano-Technology”(MIANT-2015).
  • J. Sarkar1 , R R Sahoo, Trade-off between Evaporator and gas cooler heat exchangers of a Transcritical CO2 based Heat Pumps National conference on RTME-2006 Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engg, Mysore.


  • J.Sarkar, A.Lal, RR Sahoo, SUITABLE NATURAL REFRIGERANTS PAIRS FOR CASCADE REFRIGERATION SYSTEM BASED ON MINIMUM HEAT EXCHANGER SIZE Proceedings of the 23rd National Heat and Mass Transfer Conference and 1st International ISHMT-ASTFE Heat and Mass Transfer Conference IHMTC2015.


Key research achievements / highlights

  • Design and fabrication of wind tunnel based radiator set up for the performance evaluation with various nanofluid and hybrid nanofluid as coolants.2017.
  • Investigated a new radiator coolant (optimum PG brine) which results the same performance of water as coolant at higher temperature.
  • Investigated various new radiator coolants i.e sugarcane juice, citrus lamon for the evaluation of radiator performance experimentally.
  • Investigated experimentally nanofuel application to diesel engine with magnetic fuel conditioning for the engine performance and emission evaluation.
  • Investigated theoretically and experimentally radiator performance with hybrid nanofluid in engine cooling system.
  • Investigated the engine performance with nanoadditive to biodiesel and hybrid biodiesel experimentally. 
  • Design and fabrication of prototype Cooling system for conducting experiments for UG,PG and PhD students.

Invited Lecturer

  • Lectures deliver on Faculty Development Programme November 6-11, 2017 Nanofluid and its Engineering Applications  
  1. Application of nanofluid in Radiator as coolants
  2. Engine Application as nanofuel
  •  Reviewed more than 33 manuscripts of various reputed International journals (biofuels, fuel, Applied thermal engineering.,etc)
  • Member of various selection committees in the Institute, DUGC member in Mechanical Engg.Deptt. Examiner of various committees. 
  • Admn.Warden IT Girls Hostel. (2006-2009).
  • Internal Combustion Lab. In-charge (2009-2017).
  • Dean's Nominee for Project Purchase committee and Selection committee (2018).