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Dr. Arnab Sarkar
Associate Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering,IIT (BHU)
Area of Interest: 
Wind Climate Modeling, Renewable Energy, Alternative Cycles, Microfluidics

Dr. Arnab Sarkar is an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering in IIT (BHU), Varanasi. He completed his Master of Mechanical Engineering in Fluid Mechanics from Jadavpur University in 2003. He was awarded University Gold Medal and Sarojini Radhakantha Memorial Gold Medal for securing the highest marks in the department of mechanical engineering as well as entire engineering faculty. Subsequently, he joined in Mechanical Engineering of the erstwhile IT-BHU as an Assistant Professor in 2004. He was awarded DAAD Doctoral Fellowship and through which he pursued his doctoral research in the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Sciences at Ruhr-University Bochum Germany from 2007 to 2009. His topic was related to wind climate modeling and building aerodynamics. During his DAAD supported stay in Germany he also received Stibet fellowship during the winter semester of 2008-09.
After returning to India he was elected as an executive member of Indian Society of Wind Engineering. The award was conferred during 8th Asia Pacific Conference on Wind Engineering held on December, 2013 in Chennai where he also chaired a session. He was invited in IIT, Delhi during Indo German Symposium of Sustainable Urban Built Environment sponsored by the Ministry of Education in Germany to deliver his ideas regarding Indo-German collaboration of the said topic in 2012. At the same time, he also started his first project in the capacity of Principal Investigator regarding wind climatology sponsored by BRNS, Govt. of India which he completed on March, 2018. He along with some of his colleagues established Centre for Energy and Resources Development in Mechanical Engineering of IIT (BHU) which is a Centre of Excellence sponsored by MHRD. Currently, he is mentoring one project of the centre regarding the gasification of biomass. He is also mentoring several projects regarding Renewable Energy.
He became the member of the Beauro of Indian Standard (CED57) in 2015. In that capacity he suggested a new codal provision in IS 15498 for designing cyclonic resistant structures. His amendments were accepted in BIS meeting held on March, 2018. However, he along with two committee members is currently working to implement the same.
He has published 13 research articles in reputed journals such as Renewable Energy, Energy, International Journal of Green Energy and so on. He also presented 21 articles in national and international conferences. He mentored 25 M.Tech theses and is currently supervising 5 Ph.D students. Recently, he joined in IIT, Kharagpur under Sabbatical Leave to pursue his research in the area of microfluidics.

  • Master of Engineering, Jadavpur University (Gold Medalist)


  • DAAD Doctoral Fellow, Ruhr-University Bocum, Germany

Ph.D. Thesis Guided:

Submitted: G.K. Gugliani

Ongoing: R.K. Singh, V.K. Sonker, A.S. Pareta, M. Prakash

M.Tech./M.Tech.(IDD) Thesis Guided: 23 (Completed) + 3 (Ongoing)

Journal Papers published: 13 (Published) + 1 (Under Revision)
Conference Papers published: 21
Journal Papers published in last 5 years (2013-onwards)

  1. Gugliani GK, Sarkar A, Ley C, Mandal S. New methods to assess wind resources in terms of wind speed, load, power and direction, Renewable Energy, 2018; 129:168-182.
  2. Prakash M, Sarkar A, Sarkar J, Mondal SS, Chakraborty JP. Proposal and design of a new biomass based syngas production system integrated with combined heat and power generation, Energy, 2017; 133: 986-997.
  3. Gugliani GK, Sarkar A, Mandal S, Agrawal V. Location wise comparison of mixture distributions for assessment of wind power potential: A parametric study, International Journal of Green Energy, 2017; 14(9): 737-753.
  4. Singh RK, Sarkar A, Chakraborty JP. Influence of Alternate Fuels on the Performance and Emission from Internal Combustion Engines and Soot Particle Collection using Thermophoretic Sampler: A Comprehensive Review, Waste and Biomass Valorization, 2018; DOI: 10.1007/s12649-018-0338-2.
  5. Sarkar A, Gugliani G, Deep S. Weibull model for wind speed data analysis of different locations in India, KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering, 2017; 21(7): 2764-2776.
  6. Sarkar A, Kumar N, Mitra D. Extreme wind climate modeling of some locations in India for the specification of the design wind speed of structures, KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering, 2014; 18(5): 1496-1504.
  7. Sarkar A, Mondal SS. External and internal irreversibility on the example of heat engine, Resonance: A Journal of Science Education, 2018; 23(5): 535-544.
  8. Singh NK, Sarkar A, Deo A, Gautam K, Rai SK. Estimation of suitable methodology for determining Weibull parameters for the vortex shedding analysis of synovial fluid, Journal of Biomedical Engineering Research, 2016; 37(1): 21-30.
  9. Sarkar A, Dey S, Krishna SS, Mitra D. Wind induced vibration on high speed cars in coastal terrains for straight and curved tracks, Journal of the Association of Engineers, India, 2013; 83(1): 56-64.
  10. Gugliani GK, Sarkar A, Bhadani S, Mandal S. A novel approach for accurate assessment of design wind speed for variable wind climate, KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering, 2018 (Under Revision).
Sl. No. Title of the project Sanction No. Total cost (Lacs) Agency Present status Role (PI/CI)
1 Study on Wind Climatology on Slender Structures using Weibull and Generalized Extreme Value Distribution 2012/36/65-BRNS/2934 28.46 BRNS, Department of Atomic Energy Completed PI
2 Harvesting renewable energy through gasification of biomass - 8 CERD, IIT (BHU) Varanasi Ongoing
3 Wind simulation for fatigue failure analysis and design wind load specification for high-rise buildings and slender structures in India IRP/2017-18/4744 14.95 IIT (BHU) Varanasi Ongoing
4 Finite element modeling of total hip replacement - 15 IIT (BHU) Varanasi Completed

International level:
1] DAAD Scholarship Awardee, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany, 2007-2009
2] Stibet (DAAD), 2008 Teaching Assistanceship Awardee for conducting special seminar classes for the subject, ‘Safety and Reliability of Engineering Structures’ in English-speaking Master’s course of Computational Engineering from October, 2008 to January, 2009.
National level:
1] University Gold Centred Silver Medal for securing 1ST rank in Master of Mechanical Engineering Examination, Jadavpur University, 2003
2] Sarojini Mazumdar Memorial Gold Centered Silver Medal for securing 1ST rank among all the students of Master of Engineering in Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Jadavpur University, 2003
3] National Scholarship Awardee, 1995

Post Graduate:  Advanced Fluid Mechanics, Gas Dynamics, Non-Conventional Energy Resources


Under Graduate:  Fluid Mechanics, Engineering Thermodynamics


Curriculum Developed:  Wind Power Meteorology

  • Warden, Limbdi Hostel, from 2013 onwards
  • Convener, Creative Practices, 2015-2018
  • Lab In Charge, Fluid Mechanics & Renewable Energy, from 2011 onwards 
  • Secretary, Faculty Committee, 2015-2018