Dr. Sneha

Assistant Professor
Department/School/Unit Name
Department of Architecture, Planning and Design
Phone No(s): +919990832023
Email: sneha.apd@iitbhu.ac.in
Area of Interest: Urban Development, Land Management, Housing and Real Estate, Urban Governance and Financing, Urban Economics

Dr. Sneha's unwavering dedication to her field of study is evident in her academic journey. She has been associated with the Architecture, Planning and Design department at the Indian Institute of Technology BHU, Varanasi, since Jan 2023. Before that, she collaborated briefly with the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, in the Department of Architecture. She successfully defended her dissertation from the Department of Urban Engineering, University of Tokyo, where she worked in the International Development and Regional Planning research lab. Her PhD dissertation introduced various land development models operating in the Region of NCR, Delhi, India, and their implications for the formal housing markets. Before embarking on her academic journey, she actively worked in Real estate research, analysing market behaviours and trends across various geographies in India through extensive data analysis.

The ongoing research areas include Urban land governance and economic policies for Tier-II cities in India, while simultaneously exploring the latest happenings in contemporary architectural realms. She is actively engaged in consultancy works related to skill upgradation, knowledge dissemination and quality enhancement in the field of construction, which allows her to travel and explore new geographies; one of her many fond passions.


  • Presented research paper at the Land and Poverty Conference 2019: Catalysing Innovation held at The World bank, Washington DC, March 2019
  • Presented conference paper at the Indian Scientists Association Japan, ISAJ 2018, at Tsukuba, Japan to be held on 7th Dec. 2018
  • Presented research paper at the 14th Conference of International Development and Urban Planning (CIDUP)-2018, Toyo University, Tokyo, Japan
  • Represented Department of Urban engineering, University of Tokyo at Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development in Asia: Governance and Societies Confronted with Environmental Challenges Sustain Asia kick-off workshop, CNRS-INSHS organised at the French Institute of Pondicherry, India, Oct, 2018.
  • Participated in the 12-day field exercise course from Department of Urban Engineering, Graduate Program in Sustainability Science Global Leadership Initiative (GPSS-GLI) of the University of Tokyo, Japan and the Department of Environmental Engineering of Chulalongkorn University, King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi, and Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand, about the “Public awareness and participation in environmental decision-making toward sustainable urban development in developing countries: Air pollution in Bangkok” in July-Aug 2018.
  • Attended the 13th conference of Asian and African city planning, at Meisei University, Tokyo, Japan on 23rd Dec.2017
  • Attended the World Urban Forum, (WUF-9), UN-HABITAT, held in Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia, in 7th -13th, Feb.2018
  • Attended the Indian scientist’s association Japan, ISAJ 2017, at University of Tokyo, Japan held on 7th Dec.2017.
  • Attended the 3rd Annual urban mobility India conference and expo on sustainable urban transport: Accessible and Inclusive cities from 3rd - 5th Dec.2010.


  • Convened the Indian Scientists Association Japan, ISAJ 2017, at University of Tokyo, Japan held on 7th Dec. 2017
  • Guest Lecture by Ar. Sulekha Nayak, Founder Prakriti Design Studio, New Delhi on the topic “Street Landscape Design and Implementation”, on 11-04-23 at the Department of Architecture, Planning and Design, IIT (BHU) Varanasi.


Organization Duration Position Role and Responsibility
Department of Architecture, SPA New Delhi

Aug.’22 – Jan ‘23

Assistant Professor (Contract)


Project Management 4th Yr, UG,                                                                     Working Drawing 4th Yr, UG,                                                                          Estimation and Costing 3rd Yr, UG,                                                               Building Construction 3rd Yr, UG,                                                                 Human Settlement and Vernacular Architecture, 1st Yr, UG

Guiding students for Dissertation Research and Seminar Presentation

Dhrupad Consultants Private Limited (DCPL), New Delhi

Sept’20 – July’22

General Manager (Part-time)

Business Development, Tender Biding, Project supervision and overall management throughout project cycle

Detailed report writing including site and data analysis for numerous Urban Transportation project feasibility like Corridor Development Plans, Multi Modal Transportation Hubs etc.

Evolve Interiors LLC, Dubai Jan'15 – June’15 Manager Business Development Marketing and Business development, Tender Biding, BoQ preparations, site supervision and overall management throughout project cycle for Corporate office Interiors

Informage Realty Pvt. Ltd., Gurugram

June’13 – Dec.’14

Manager Research

Managed a market research and analytics team of 7 people, which covered residential, commercial and retail developments across 14 cities in North India.

Responsible for preparation of company’s bi-monthly edition on Real estate market research paper “REAL CANVASS” that required data collection, data validation, analysis, report writing, designing and publication.

Liases Foras, Real-estate Research and Rating Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

June’12 – May’13

Research Analyst

Lead the Commercial real estate database team for NCR and MMR for three quarters.

Data Analysis and quarterly report publication for Housing Finance institutions like Axis Bank, HDFC Bank



  • DUGC, DAPD, IITBHU, since Sept. 2023
  • Member of the executive body for the Indian Scientists Association Japan, ISAJ 2018, at Tsukuba, Japan to be held on 7th Dec. 2018
  • Executive Body, PAN IIT India Japan Convention, Tokyo, Japan Dec. 2017


1.  "Biomaterials for Architecture: Applicability of Mycelium-based materials as an alternative to conventional building material." Surabhi Sharma, Dissertation 2022-23, SPA New Delhi

2.  "Qualitative and comparative analysis of cost-effective materials available for construction in India." Anurag Gautam, Dissertation 2022-23, SPA New Delhi