Centenary Initiatives

Departments and Schools are working to identify Centenary Initiatives:

  1. The Initiative regarding new Center/Scheme, Academic, Programme etc. may be shown to be of importance as one of the Grand Challenges in Engineering Science & Technology, aligned to National Needs – Priority areas of Government Departments/Ministries with identification of Industry that may support it under CSR.
  2. Strength of Department, and that of the colleagues in the campus (in case of Interdisciplinary initiative) showing the need of synergetic effort.
  3. Identification of direction that the initiative will take as streams for R & D and Academic pursuits, indicating National International academic meets to be planned during the Centenary Celebration period herein for the purpose.
  4. Consideration of proposal to involve Industry/Professional organizations for ascertaining plausibility of the programmes under this initiative.


The Departments and Schools are required to consider the following, while working out their initiatives:

  • A1: Reference of one or more out of some Ten Grand Challenges in Engineering Sciences  & Technology or some such document that identifies your initiative as a topic of importance.
  • A2: Identifying National Needs: Identified as priority area(s) of Government Department(s) Ministries.
  • A3: Identified Industries that may support such an initiative under CSR.
  • B1: Our Strength in terms of work done (dissertations/publication/patents/projects etc.)
  • B2: Need of Synergetic effort for the proposed initiative.
  • B3: Requirement of other resource for the purpose.
  • C1: Directions: in terms of streams/R&D programmes as part of this initiative.
  • C2: Possible Academic Programmes under this initiative .
  • D1: Industry consultation for plausibility of the employability of produced human resource under this initiative.
  • D2: Industry indication regarding sponsoring Master/PhD candidates under the proposed initiative.
  • D3: Industry indication regarding collaborative research, including on topics identified by the industry.
  • D4: Indication regarding launching gift possible gifts from Industry/Professional Organization at the time of consolidation and establishment of the Center/Programme under the