Book Bank
Text Book Section:-
A separate Text Book section has been created in the Library. This section has 22049 (until 31/03/2018) books. New books are added according to the demand of students and new courses launched by the institute. The textbook bank is arranged in a column. Left side column is arranged according to the Colon Classification and right side column is arranged according to Dewey Decimal Classification.
Special collection for SC/ST Category:-
The books were purchased/donated from the special grant of the Social Welfare Department, UP. Govt. is kept in this section. Generally, books are not issued to General category Students. If there is, no demand from ST/SC students only when the books are issued to general category students as a special case from the permission of the competent authority. This section has 8,740 (until 31/03/2014) books.
General Books Section:-
General Books are kept in three halls, Books classified according to Colon Classification are kept in General Book Section-1 ( z to Z excluding D) and D (Engineering books) are kept in General Book Section-2. Books classified according to Dewey Decimal classification are kept in General Books Section-3.