Vision Mission &Objective
  1. Pursuance of Value Based Excellence in Science & Technology Education and Research.
  2. To serve the Humanity through enlightened and morally sound human capital.
  1. Research & Innovation oriented UG/PG programs for pursuing cutting edge research.
  2. Integration of Universal Human Values in curricula.
  3. Identification of Global Grand Challenges, aligning with National and Regional needs, as prioritized by the nation from time to time, for working out research and academic processes.
  4. Inculcation of Design & Innovation culture, through problem solving functions and facilities: Tinkering Labs, Technology Incubators, Design & Innovation Hub, Centre for entrepreneurship, etc. engaging teachers and students starting from the early stages of UG and PG programs.
  5. Identification of Problems, Mentoring and Evaluation, for Design & Innovation, through collaborative interaction with, and engagement of people among Alumni, Industry and Society at large.
  1. To produce highly motivated and confident graduates for serving the nation and humanity.
  2. Continuous engagement of Industry, Professionals, R&D establishments, Alumni and the Society.
  3. Collaboration and interaction with Institutions of higher learning at Global and National Levels for enriching the academic and R&D processes, activities and functionalities.
  4. Working for National and Regional needs as may be identified by Government of India, and concerned State Governments.