Specialization: Pharmacognosy

Pharmacognosy deals with scientific study of crude drugs from plants, animals, microbes and minerals. It includes quality control, standardization, isolation & characterization of phytoconstituents and formulation development. The Pharmacognosy specialization of the department provides instructional and research training to the students in the areas of isolation of phytoconstituents, formulation development & standardization of herbal drugs and evaluation of biological activity of medicinal plants. Apart from classical Pharmacognosy the division is now diversifying itself in the frontier areas of phytomedicine.

Research Focus

  1. The major areas of research are neuropharmacology and metabolic pharmacology. Following are the specific areas of research:
  • Industrial Pharmacognosy
  • Phytopharmaceutics,
  • Ethnopharmacognosy, Phytochemistry
  • Biological evaluation of Medicinal Plants




Dr. Siva Hemalatha

Dr. Alakh Niranjan Sahu

Dr. Sunil Kumar Mishra