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Dr. Chandana Rath
Associate Professor
School of Materials Science and Technology,IIT BHU
Area of Interest: 
Nanomagnetics, Dilute Magnetic Semiconductors, Multiferroics, Ion Irradiation, Semiconducting Nanostructured Materials, Ceramic nanocomposites and thin film.

Dr. (Mrs.) Chandana Rath is an Associate Professor in the School of Materials Science and Technology.
She has done her MSc, MPhil and PhD in Physics from Utkal University, Bhubaneswar.
She was a post doctoral fellow in Department of Physics, University of Girona, Spain for 2 years.
She joined School of Materials Science and Technology in October 2004.
She has been received MRSI Medal 2015-Material Research Socity of India.

Research Interest:

  • Nanomagnetics
  • Dilute Magnetic Semiconductors
  • Multiferroic Nanomaterials
  • Ion Irradiation
  • Semiconducting Nanostructured Materials and Devices
  • Ceramic Nanocomposites and Thin Film 


  • National  collaborations 
  1. Dr. Alok Banerjee
    UGC-DAE CSR, Indore

  2. Dr. D. Kanjila
    Inter University Accelerator Centre, New Delhi

  • International Collaborations
  1. Dr. Yixi Su
    FRMII, Munich, Germany

  2. Dr. Oleg Petracic
    Jeulich Centre for Neutron Science-2, Jeulich, Germany

    Complete list of publications:

  1. Monoclinic to cubic phase transformation and photoluminescence properties in Hf1-xSmxO2 (x= 0 - 0.12) nanoparticles; Sandeep Kumar, S.B. Rai and Chandana Rath; Journal of Applied Physics, Jan 123, 055108(2018)                                                                                     

  2. 500 keV Ar2+ ion Irradiation Induced Anatase to Brookite Phase Transformation and Ferromagnetism at Room Temperature in TiO2 Thin Films; B. Bharati, N. C. Mishra, D. Kanjilal and Chandana Rath; Applied Surface Science, 428, 2018, 723-729

  3. Multifunctional Role of Dysprosium in HfO2: Stabilization of High Temperature Cubic Phase,Magnetic and Photoluminescence Properties; Sandeep Kumar, S. B. Rai and Chandana Rath; Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 19, 2017, 18957 – 18967

  4. Cation Distribution Dependent Magnetic Properties in CoCr2-xFexO4 (x= 0.1 to 0.5): EXAFS, Mӧssbauer and Magnetic Measurements; D. Kumar , A. Banerjee, A. Mahmoud and Chandana Rath; Dalton Transactions 46, 2017, 10300-10314

  5. ​Evolution of structure and magnetic properties of stoichiometry and oxygen rich LaMnO3 nanoparticle; Priyanka Tiwari and ​Chandana Rath; Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 441 (2017) 635 – 641

  6. Enhanced Photocatalytic Degradation of Dyes under Sunlight using Biocompatible TiO2 Nanoparticles; B. Bharati, A. K. Sonkar, N. Singh, D. Dash and Chandana Rath; Materials Research Express, 4(8) (2017) 085503

  7. Swift heavy ion irradiation induced structural phase transitions in BaTiO3: An in-situ x-ray diffraction study; RS Solanki, JP Patel, Chandana Rath, PK Kulriya, DK Avasthi, D. Pandey; arXiv preprint arXiv:1703.02262

  8. Structural and Magnetic Properties Of LaMnO3 Nanoparticles With Varying La Concentration; Priyanka Tiwari and Chandana  Rath; AIP Conference Proceedings 1832 (2017) 050099 doi: 10.1063/1.4980332

  9.  Effect of size reduction on cation distribution and magnetic transitions in CoCr2O4 multiferroic: EXAFS, magnetic and diffused neutron scattering measurements; Jagadish Galivarapu, D. Kumar, A. Banerjee, V. Sathe, Giuliana Aquilanti and Chandana Rath; RSC Advances, 6 (2016) 63809-63819

  10. Size dependent magnetic transitions in CoFe0.1Cr1.9O4 nanoparticles studied by magnetic and neutron polarisation analysis; Durgesh Kumar, Jagadish Galivarapu, Alok Banerjee, Kirill Nemkovski, Yixi Su and Chandana Rath Nanotechnology 27 (2016) 175702 (10pp)

  11. Magnetic Transitions in Chemically Synthesized Nanoparticles of CoCr2O4 ;  Jagadish. K. Galivarapu, D. Kumar, A. Banerjee and Chandana Rath; IEEE Trans. Magnetics 52(8) (2016) 6000506

  12. Passivation of Native Defects of ZnO by doping Mg Detected through Various Spectroscopic; Techniques V. P. Singh and Chandana Rath; RSC Advances, 5 (2015) 44390 – 44397

  13. Defects Induced Phase Transformation & Anomalous Luminescent Properties in ZnO and SrAl2O4 Composites; V. P. Singh, P. Mohanty, S. P. Lochab and Chandana Rath; RSC Advances, 4 (69), 2014, 36765 – 36770

  14. Synthesis of SrAl2O4 and ZnO composites: Structure and Optical Properties; V.P.Singh and Chandana Rath; Advanced Science Letters 20 (3-4), 2014, 748-750

  15. Evolution of structural and magnetic properties of Co doped TiO2 thin films irradiated with 100 MeV Ag7+ ions; P Mohanty, V P Singh, N C Mishra, S Ojha, D Kanjilal and Chandana Rath; J. Physics D: Applied Physics 47 (2014) 315001-8

  16. Tuning of magnetic transition temperatures in nanoparticles of CoCr2O4 multiferroic by B-site mixing; D. Kumar, P. Mohanty, V.P. Singh, A.Banerjee, V. Ganeshan and Chandana Rath; Materials Research Bulletin 54 (2014) 78–83

  17. Stabilization of High Temperature Hexagonal Phase of SrAl2O4 at Room Temperature: Role of ZnO; V. P. Singh, S.B. Rai, H. Misra and Chandana Rath; Dalton Transactions  43 (14) (2014) 5309 – 5316

  18. Evidence of Room temperature ferromagnetism in Argon/Oxygen annealed TiO2 thin film deposited by electron beam evaporation technique; P. Mohanty, D. Kabiraj, R. K. Mandal, P. Kulriya, A.S. K. Sinha, Chandana Rath; J. Magn. Magn. Mater 355 (2014) 240-245 

  19. Defects in Zn1-x-yCoxMgyO Nanoparticles: Probed by XRD, RAMAN and PAS Technique; V.P. Singh, R.K. Singh, D. Das and Chandana Rath; Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 16 (2013) 659-666.

  20. TiO2 Nanowires Grown from Nanoparticles: Structure and Charge Density Study; P Mohanty, S Saravanakumar, R Saravanan and Chandana Rath; J. Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 13 (2013) 1-7.

  21. Room Temperature Ferromagnetism in Ti0.985Co0.015O2-δ Thin Films Grown by Pulsed Laser Deposition Technique; P Mohanty, V.Ganeshan, and Chandana Rath; Materials Science Forum Vol. 760 (2013) 1-7.

  22. Studies on intrinsic defects related to Zn vacancy in ZnO nanoparticles; V.P. Singh, D. Das and Chandana Rath; Materials Research Bulletin 48 (2013) 682-686.

  23. Stabilisation of SrAl 2 O 4 hexagonal phase at RT in ZnO-SrAl 2 O 4 nanocomposite; V P Singh, SB Rai, H Mishra, C Rath; AIP Conference Proceedings 1512 (1), 56-57

  24. Studies on Defects in Co and Mg co-doped ZnO Nanoparticles Using XRD, RAMAN and PAS Techniques; V.P. Singh, R.K. Singh, D. Das and Chandana Rath; Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 2(5) 2012

  25. Detection of Defects in ZnO Nanoparticles by Spectroscopic Measurements; V. P. Singh, R. K. Singh, D. Das, and Chandana Rath; AIP conference Proceeding   1461 (2012) 205

  26. Oxygen vacancy induced phase formation and room temperature ferromagnetism in TiO2 and Cobalt doped TiO2 thin films; P. Mohanty, N.C. Mishra, R. Choudhury, A. Banerjee, T. Shripathy, N.P. Lalla, S Annapoorni and Chandana Rath; J. Physics D: Applied Physics 45 (2012) 325301-8.

  27. Evolution of microstructure and crack pattern in NiO thin films under 200 MeV Au ion irradiation; P. Mallick, D.C. Agarwal, Chandana Rath, D.Behera, D.K. Avasthi, D. Kanjilal and N.C. Mishra; Radiation Physics and Chemistry 81 (2012) 647-651.

  28. Effect of oxygen vacancy on magnetic properties of Ti1-xCoxO2 nanoparticles; P. Mohanty, P. Mallick, N.C. Mishra, A. Banerjee, T. Shripathi and Chandana Rath; International J. Nanotechnology and Applications 5(4) (2011) 383-393.

  29. Magnetic Phase Transitions in Cobalt Chromite Nanoparticles; Chandana Rath and P. Mohant; J. of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism, 24 (2011) 629-633.

  30. Magnetic Properties of nanoparticles of Cobalt Chromite; Chandana Rath, P. Mohanty and A. Banerjee; J. Magn. Magn. Mater 323 (2011) 1698-1702.

  31. Surface smoothing of NiO thin films under swift heavy ion irradiation; P Mallick, Chandana Rath, Jai Prakash, D.K. Mishra, R.J. Choudhary, D.M. Phase, a. Tripathy, D K Avasthi, D Kanjilal and N C Mishra, Int. J. Mater. Sci. 5 (2010) 723.

  32. Observation of grain growth in swift heavy ion irradiated NiO thin films; P Mallick, Chandana Rath, J K Dash, R Biswal, D C Agarwal, D Behera, D K Avasthi, D Kanjilal, P V Satyam and N C Mishra,Indian J. Physics 84(10) (2010) 1399.

  33. Antiferro to superparamagnetic transition on Mn doping in NiO; P. Mallick, Chandana Rath, A. Banerjee and N. C. Mishra; Solid State Communication 150 (2010) 1342.

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  35. UV-visible studies of Nickel Oxide thin film grown by thermal oxidation of Nickel; P. Mohanty, Chandana Rath, P. Mallick, R. Biswal and N.C. Mishra; Physical B: Condensed Matter 405 (2010) 2711-2714.

  36. Swift heavy ion irradiation induced modification of the microstructure of NiO thin films; P. Mallick, Chandana Rath, Jai Prakass, D.K. Mishra, R.J. Choudhary, D.M. Phase, A. Tripathy, D.K. Avasthi, D. Kanjilal and N.C. Mishra; Nuclear Instrumentation and Methods B 268 (2010) 1613-1617.

  37. Appearance of Superparamagnetic Phase below Curie Temperature in Cobalt Chromite Nanoparticles; Lawerence Kumar, P. Mohanty, T. Shripathi and Chandana Rath; Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Letters 1 (2009) 199-203.

  38. Anomalous x-ray diffraction peak broadening and lattice strains in Zn1-xCoxO dilute magnetic semiconductor; Chandana Rath, P. Mallick, Dhananjai Pandey, D. Sa, A. Banerjee and N.C. Mishra; J. Phys. Condense Matter 21 (2009) 075801-075805

  39. Oxygen vacancy induced structural phase transformation in TiO2 nanoparticles; Chandana Rath, P. Mohanty, A. C. Pandey and N.C. Mishra; J. Physics D: Applied Physics 42 (2009) 205101-205107.

  40. Evolution of Phase Purity and Texture on annealing of BiFeO3 Thin Film Prepared by Sol-Gel Technique; Priyadarshini Dash, B.N. Dash, Haripriya Rath, Chandana Rath and N.C. Mishra; Indian J. of Physics 83 (4) (2009) 485-491.

  41. Evolution of surface morphology of NiO thin films under swift heavy ion irradiation; P. Mallick, Chandana Rath, S. Mazumdar, R. Biswal, DC. Agrawal, Shikha Verma, D.K. Avasthi, P.V. Satyam and N. C. Mishra; Applied Surface Science 256 (2009) 521-523.

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  45. Swift Heavy Ion Irradiation induced texturing in NiO thin film; P. Mallick, D.C. Agarwal, Chandana Rath, R. Biswal, D. Behera, D.K. Avasthi; D. Kanjilal, P.V. Satyam and N.C. Mishra; Nuclear Instrumentation and Methods B 266, (2008) 3332-3335.

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  47. Kinetic study of the oxide-assisted catalyst-free synthesis of Silicon nitride nanowires; J. Farjas, Chandana Rath, A. Pinyol, P. Roura and E. Bertran; Phys. Stat. Solidi  (a), 203(6), (2006) 1307

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  55. Dependence on cation size distribution of particle size, lattice parameter and magnetic properties in nano-size Mn-Zn ferrite; Chandana Rath, K.K. Sahu, S.D. Kulkarni, S. Anand, S.K. Date and R.P. Das, N.C. Mishra; J. Applied Physics 91 (4), 2002, 2211-2215

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  60. Microstructural and Magnetic Studies on Hydrothermally Prepared Hematite; K.K. Sahu, C. Rath, N.C. Mishra, S. Anand and R.P. Das; J. Colloid Interface Sci. 185 (1997) 402.

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  62. Intra-granular Annealing of Disordered Sub-particles in Hematite Grain; C. Rath, K.K. Sahu, N.C. Mishra, R.P. Das and K. Patnaik; Material Science Forum 223-224 (1996) 287.

  1. A new process for hydrothermal preparation of Mn-Zn Ferrites. Chandana. Rath, K.K. Sahu, N.C. Mishra, S. Anand and R.P. Das, Indian Patent no: 216921 (2007)

  2. A novel method to prepare TiO2 nanoparticles through a hydrothermal route, Chandana Rath File No: 3022/DEL/2015  dated September 23, 2015

Young Research Award -1998 (Material Science) in International Union of Materials Research Society IUMRS-ICA (Bangalore) India.

MRSI Medal 2015-Material Research Socity of India

Best Poster Award

  1. Memory effect and exchange bias phenomenon in core-shell CoCr2Onanoparticles

        Jagadish Kumar G. and Chandana Rath Dr. K. Venkatesan Best Poster Award
        45th National Seminar on Crystallography, School of Materials Science and Technology, IIT(BHU) July 09-13, 2017.

  1. Structural and Magnetic properties of LaMnO3 Nanoparticles with varying La concentration

         Priyanka Tiwari, Chandana Rath
International conference on nanotechnology for better living, Department of Physics, NIT Srinagar  and IIT,                               Kanpur, 
Srinagar, May 25-29, 2016.

  1. Evolution of Transport and Magnetic Behaviour in Epitaxial Ti1-xCoxO2-δ Thin Films under Swift Heavy Ion Irradiation”  

        Chandana Rath, P. Mohanty, N. C. Mishra, R. J. Choudhary, R. Rawat
        International Conference on Swift Heavy Ions in Materials Engineering and Characterization (SHIMEC),                                    Inter University Accelerator Center (IUAC), New Delhi. 14-17 October 2014.

  1. Effect of Oxygen Vacancy in Phase Transformation and Magnetic Properties of Ti1-xCoxO2 (x-0, 0.01, 0.03 and 0.05) Nanaoparticles.

         P. Mohanty and Chandana Rath
         National Conference on Experimental Tools for Materials Science Research
         State of Art, Department of Physics, Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Banaras Hindu University 3-4 December 2010.

  1. Defects Studies in ZnO Doped With Mg and/or Co Nanoparticles

         V. P. Singh, Chandana Rath
         6th National Conference On Thermo Physical Properties (NCTP), Department of Applied Physics, IT-BHU,                                 October 11-13, 2011.

  1. Room Temperature Ferromagnetism:  TixCo1-xO2-δ (x=0, 0.015) Thin Film grown by Pulsed Laser Deposition
    Chandana Rath, P. Mohanty, N. C. Mishra, R. J. Chaoudhary A. Banerjee, T. Shripathi, N. P.  Lalla 
    Conference Cum Workshop on Electron Microscopy (CWEM), Metallurgical Engineering, IIT(BHU) December 6-8, 2012.
  1. Project on polarised neutron reflectrometry of HfO2 thin films deposited through MBE and E-beam evaporation techniques: Nanoscience Foundries and Fine Analysis, Europe2017

  2. Project on “Interconnect Materials for Fuel Cell”: Centre for Energy and Resources Development, IIT(BHU) : 2016-2018: 12 Lakhs

  3. Project on ‘Physical Properties of undoped and doped HfO2 thin films deposited by Physical Vapour Deposition Technique” IIT (BHU) 2016: 15 Lakhs

  4. Collaborative Research project entitled “Cation distribution in A and B sites of Fe substituted CoCr2O4 multiferroi by EXAFS”: UGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific Research, Indore, 2015: 1.5 Lakhs + TA,DA of PI and student for availing synchrotron beam time at RRCAT, Indore and UGC-DAE-CSR, Indore

  5. Neutron diffraction studies on Nanoparticles of Cobalt Chromite by A/B site mixing – 12.3 Lakhs –UGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific Research,  Mumbai -2015

  6. Magnetic Properties of Nanoparticles of CoCr2-xFexO4 Multiferroic: UGC, UPE scheme, BHU 2013 - 0.825 Lakhs

  7. Growth of Nanowires and Nanotubes of Transition Metal Doped TiO2: Structure, Properties and Photocatalytic Application: University Grant Commission, New Delhi 2012 ~ 11.5 Lakhs

  8.  Size dependent electric, magnetic and magnetoelectric coupling behaviour in Chromite Spinels : Department of Science and Technology 2011 ~ 22.0 Lakhs

  9.  Evolution of Magnetism with Oxygen Deficiency in Cobalt Doped TiO2 Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor: UGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific Research, Indore, 2007 ~ 7.06 Lakhs

  10. Synthesis and characterization of thin film and sheets of ferrite nanocomposites: Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University 2005 – 0.5 Lakh

Ongoing PDF Student :

Sl. No. Name of the Research Student Title of the Thesis/ Research Status
Awarded/Registered etc.
1. Dr. Himanshu Tripathi "Synthesis and Characterization of the multifunctional bioactive glasses and glass ceramics scaffolds for biomedical applications" On going
July, 2017


Ongoing Ph.D. Students :
Sl. No. Name of the Research Student Title of the Thesis/ Research Status
Awarded/Registered etc.
01. Mr. Durgesh Kumar
"Studies on microstructure and physical properties of transition metal doped chromite multiferroics" On going
July, 2013
02. Mr. Jagadish Kumar G "Microstructure and physical properties of ferromagnetic ceramics”
On going
July 2013
03. Ms. B. Bharati "Nanostructured Transition Metal Oxides: Physical Properties and applications”
On going
July, 2014
04. Ms. Priyanka Tiwari Structure and Magnetic Properties of ABO3 type materials”
  On going
July, 2014
05. Mr. Sandeep "Synthesis and Properties of Nanostructured functional oxides”
On going
July, 2014
06. Mr. Gaurav Chandra Pandey "Microstructure and Magnetic Properties in Chromites”
On going
December, 2015
07. Ms. Deepti Gangwar "Microstructure and functional properties of functional oxides"
On going
July, 2016
08. Mr. Abhay Narayan Singh "Nanostructured Material for Sensors" On going
July 2017
09. Mr. Manish Yadav "Size Dependent Structural and Magnetic Property of ABO3 type Ceramics" On going
July 2017

M. Tech Students : Ongoing-3
                                  Awarded -24

 List of Ph.D. and M.Tech. Thesis Awarded


Sl. No. Name of the student Title of the thesis Year (Degree Awarded)
Ph.D. Thesis
Mr. Pankaj Mohanty Structure, Magnetic and Transport Properties of Nanostructured Ti1-xCoxO2-d: Effect of Ion Irradiation”  
Mr. Vinay Pratap Singh Thesis “Studies on Intrinsic Defects in ZnO, Doped/Codoped ZnO and ZnO-SrAl2O4 Composites”  
Mr. Pravanjan Malick “Evolution of Structural and Magnetic Properties in Nickel Oxide by doping and Ion Irradiation”  
M.Tech / IDD Thesis
Mr. Saurav Suman Study of structural, Magnetic and Electrical properties of Iron doped Cobalt Chromite Nanoparticles  
Ms. Sonali Agarwal Synthesis and Characterization of Cr doped Lanthanum Ferrite (LaFeO3)  
Mr. Hariome Saran Gupta Fabrication of PMMA and ZnO-CuO Composite for Industrial Application  
Mr. Johnson Frank Guria Synthesis and Electromagnetic Absorption Properties of Strontium Hexaferrite  
Mr. Ajay Kumar Gautam Synthesis and Luminescence investigations of Eu and Mn doped Calcium aluminate Phosphors  
Mr. Swaroop Kumar Behera Luminescent properties of Eu-doped Strontium Aluminate Nanophosphors  
Mr. Chinmayee Nayak
Mr. Ankit Kumar Sonkar Biomedical applications of TiO2 Nanoparticles  
Mr. Shiv Kumar Cladding of Mild steel by Welding and Allied Processes  
Mr. Kapil Vaswani Synthesis and Characterizations of ZnO and Zn3N4 thin films  
Ms. B. Bharati Photocatalytic Degradation of different dyes using TiO2 nanoparticles  
Ms. Priyanka Tiwari Studies on Rare earth Managnite  
Ms. Surabhi Mor Effect of Lithium and/or Titanium doping on dielectric cnstsnt of Nickel Oxide  
Ms. Farheen Anjum Synthesis and transport properties of Nickel Chromite nanoparticle 2013
Mr. Ankit Maheswari Syntheis and characterization of Eu doped SAO, Yb doped SAO, Eu doped ZnO, Yb doped ZnO, Eu doped SAO-ZnO, Yb doped SAO-ZnO phosphors  
Mr. Purohit Laxank Manoharlal Investigations on structural, dielectric and optical properties of V/Li doped ZnO nanoparticles  
Mr. Abhishek Singh Synthesis and Characterization of Iron doped Cobalt Chromite  
Mr. Jagmohan Singh Butola Studies on dilute magnetic semiconductors  
Mr. Uma Shankar Synthesis and characterization of ceramic-polymer nanocomposite  
Mr. Vinay Pratap Singh Synthesis and characterization of doped transition metal oxide  

Mr. Vamsi Krishna Synthesis and Characterization of ZnO-polymer nanocomposite  
Mr. Bala Studies on ZnO and Fe2O3 based polymer nanocomposites  
Mr. Lawerence Kumar Studies on Nanomaterials of Magnetic Ceramics  
Mr. Amlan Rooj Synthesis and characterization of multiferroic Mn substituted Bismuth Ferrite      (BiFe1-xMnxO3)
Available Facilities
S.No. Name of the Facility & Specification Photograph
 1. Electron beam with thermal vapour deposition system
(Manisha Vacuum Equipments pvt. Lmt.)
UV – Vis Spectrophotometer (200-800)nm
3. Impedance analysis interface
(50 – 600)˚C
 (Newtons4th Ltd.)
4. Low Temperature Resistivity Measurment Setup
(1 - 10M)Hz, (10- 300)K

  1. Visiting Department of Physics and Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Girona, Spain for collaborative work from 18/12/2017 to 30/12/2017

  2. Visiting FRM II, Munich, Germany from 21.05.2017 to 30.05.2017 to perform Diffused Neutron Scattering (DNS) experiment using neutron source.

  3. Visiting International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy to attend an International workshop on “Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Photo-induced Electronic Excitations”  from 08.05.2017 to 12.05.2017.

  4. Visiting Syncrotron source of Elettra, Italy from 11.12.2016 to 19.12.2016 to do experiments using EXAFS technique.

  5. Visiting Jeulich centre for neutron science (JCNS2), Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH, Germany from 15.09.2014 to 24.09.2014 for measurements and analysis of  magneto-electric and diffused neutron scattering.

  6. Visiting FRM II, Munich, Germany from 15.05.2013 to 27.05.2013 to perform Diffused Neutron Scattering (DNS) experiment using neutron source.

  7. Visiting Elettra, Italy from 27.05.2011 to 02.06.2011 to do experiments using EXAFS technique.

  8. International Conference on Superconductivity and Magnetsim April 25-30, 2010 Ankara University, Antalya, Turkey.

  9. Visiting CNRS, Paris, France for measurements from Dec 7-14, 2002.

  10. Post doctoral Fellow in University of Girona, Girona, Spain July 2002-Dec2003.

  11. International Conference on ferrites (ICF-8) , Kyoto, Japan (2000).


Group Photograph