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Dr. Sanjukta Ghosh
Associate Professor
Department of Humanistic Studies, IIT (BHU)
Area of Interest: 
Syntax and its interface with Semantics and Pragmatics, Cognitive Linguistics, Historical Linguistics, Grammar Formalism, Natural Language Processing

  • MA, MPhil & Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics from University of Hyderabad
  • BA (H) in Linguistics with Pali & Sanskrit from Govt. Sanskrit College Kolkata

UG Courses/PG Courses

  • Introduction to Linguistics 
  • Phonetics 
  • Syntax 
  • Semantics 
  • Pragmatics
  • Language and Logic 
  • Syntactic Models/Grammar Formalism 
  • Cognitive Linguistics 
  • Historical Linguistics 
  • Research Methodology 
  • Independent Reading 
  • Current Trends in Linguistics
  • Basic Sanskrit (Study India Program)


  • Syntax and its interface with Semantics and Pragmatics, Cognitive Linguistics, Historical Linguistics, Grammar Formalism, Natural Language Processing, Indic Linguistics, Bangla Linguistics


  • Generative Lexicon Account of Bangla Complex Predicates. Partridge. 2015.
  • Syntax-Pragmatics Interface. Partridge, 2015.

Book Chapters

  • Cartography of temporal adverbial clauses (with Anil Thakur, Shubhra Apurve, Neha Maurya). In Singh, S. et al. Fabrics of Linguistics. 2017.
  • Conceptual Combination: A Psycho-Cognitive Account of Neology. Bharthiar University. 2010
  • Two Competing Properties of a Classifier: Quantification and Individuation. Rainbow of Linguistics. 2007

Journal and Proceedings

  • (Im)politeness in Indian TV Advertisements. Proceedings, 7th Annual International Conference on Language, Literature and Linguistics (L3 2018), Singapore, June 2018.
  • bhojpurir itihaas: kayekti prashna (in Bengali). In ebam mushaera. Pp. 129-135, 2016.     
  • Language and Gender in the discourse of Indian TV Advertisements (with Ruchi Singh). IJDL/DLA, 155-166, 2016.
  • Making verb frames from the compound verbs of Bangla. Proceedings of ICON- 2014. Pp 61- 70. 2014.
  • Morphosyntax of code-mixed Indian TV advertisements. (with Ruchi Singh). In Bulletin of the Deccan College Post Graduate and Research Institute. Pp. 409-418, 2014.
  • Changing face of Indian television commercials: Sociopragmatics of socially responsible open slogans. Language Forum.  Pp 45-57, 2014.
  • Noun Classification from the Verb Frames of Conjunct Verbs. Journal of Advanced Linguistic Studies. Bahari publication. Pp 149-162, 2014.
  • Review: Impoliteness: Using language to cause offence by Jonathan Culpeper. Indian Linguistics/89-92, 2013.
  • Linguistic Relativity revisited: a cognitive linguistic approach to Translation Studies. International Journal of Translation Studies. Bahari     Publications. Pp 67-82, 2013.
  • Bhojpuri aspect system (with Shashibala Singh). Indian Linguistics. Pp. 27-39, 2013.
  • na: beyond negation (with Anil Thakur). Proceedings of ICON-2013. Pp 113-117, 2013.
  • Typology of Copular Clauses in Eastern Indic Languages. Indian Linguistics. Pp 123-133.  2009.
  • A generative lexicon account of A-V complex predicates of Bangla. in Proceedings of ICON- 2008, MacMillan Publishers. Pp 134-144, 2008.
  • Handling Polysemous Particles in Multilingual Environment (with Anil Thakur). Vishwabharat. MICT, Govt of India. Pp 109-112, 2008.
  • Causative Compound Verb Constructions: A Generative Lexicon Account (with Anil Thakur). Vishwabharat. MCIT, Govt of India. Pp 105-108, 2008.
  • The Positive Polarity Copula in Bangla: An Item of Unexplored Origin. Indian Linguistic/61-64, 2006.
  • Identification and Characterization of NV Complex Predicates. Proceedings of MSPIL, IIT Bombay. Pp 150-159. 2006.
  • Processing of some particles in selected Indian languages (with BN Patnaik and Anil Thakur). Proceedings of National Seminar on Perspectives in Linguistics/35- 46, 2006
  • Syntax and Pragmatics of Bangla Imperfective Participle. Language Forum. Pp 1-19, 2005.
  • Honorificity marking words of Bangla and Hindi: Classifiers or not?. In Bhashacintan, Banaras Hindu University, 2006.
  • Referential Feature Hierarchy and Individuation: A study of Bangla DP Structure. In Indian Journal of Linguistics. Pp 34-46. 2004.
  • Tuku: An Exceptional Classifier. Indian Journal of Linguistics. Pp 57-66, 2002.

Presentation (Recent)

  • Generative lexicon analysis of Bangla Inflected compound words. ​46th All India Conference of Dravidian Linguists & International Symposium on Linguistic Ecology and Language Technology. Jadavpur University, Kolkata. June 21-23, 2018. 

Invited talks/Workshops etc (Recent)

  • Language and the Development of the Self. LESS-2019, Department of Humanistic Studies, IIT (BHU) Varanasi. February 2019.
  • Fundamentals of Linguistics. VCW, Rajghat, Varanasi. February 2019.
  • Workshop on Parsing Guidelines and Techniques. SCONLI-2019. Department of HSS, IIT (ISM) Dhanbad. January 2019.
  • Workshop on Basic Computational Linguistics. Department of Linguistics, Mumbai University. December 2018.

PhD Guidance

  • Tense and Aspect System of Bhojpuri (Shashibala Singh)
  • Syntax and Semantics of Adverbilas of Bhojpuri (Neha Maurya)
  • Understanding Polysemy: Mapping Word Senses onto Cognitive Schemas (Madhavi)
  • Language of Indian TV Advertisements (Ruchi Singh)
  • Comparative Syntactic Study of Arabic, English and French (Abdallah Hammad Jaber Alzeedyein)
  • Semantics of English Discourse Markers (Saurabh Srivastava, submitted)
  • Satyam Dwivedi, ongoing)
  • Shubhra Apurve, ongoing)
  • Vandana Dwivedi, ongoing)


  • Ishan Scholar for standing first at BA (H) in University of Calcutta
  • University Gold Medal for MA in Applied Linguistics, University of hyderabad
  • Merit Scholarship for MA, Applied Linguistics, University of Hyderabad 
  • Major Reseach Project of University Grants Commision of India
  • Associate Professor: Department of Humanistic Studies, IIT (BHU) Varanasi. (Feb 2018 - present)
  • Member: DPGC, Department of Humanistic Studies, IIT (BHU) Varanasi.
  • Associate Professor: Deccan College Post Graduate and Research Institute Pune (Feb 2013 - June 2013)
  • Assistant Professor: Department of Linguistics, Banaras Hindu University (Nov 2005 - Jan 2018)
  • Research Scientist: LTRC, IIIT, Hyderabad (Dec 2004 - Nov 2005)
  • Guest Lecturer: CALTS, University of Hyderabad (July 2002 - Nov 2004)
  • Member: Board of Studies, DRC, TC, PPC, PG Admission Committee in Linguistics, BHU, during 2005-2017.
  • Member: Sexual Harassment & Grievances Committee, Faculty of Arts, BHU, 2015-17
  • Member: Governing Body, KV BHU Campus. 2016-18