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Dr. Anil Kumar Thakur
Associate Professor
Department of Humanistic Studies IIT BHU
Area of Interest: 
Universal Grammar, Applied Computational Linguistics (primary focus on language education), Universal Human Values (primary focus on wisdom and harmony research and education for Self-family-society-Nature)

  • MA, MPhil & PhD in Linguistics from University of Delhi
  • BA (H) in English from LNMU Darbhanga


  • Assistant Professor in Linguistics at Banaras Hindu University (Nov 2005–Jan 2018)
  • Project Scientist at IIT Kanpur (Jan 2004–Nov 2005)
  • Project Associate at IIT Kanpur (Jan 2003–Oct 2003)
  • Researcher at Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore (Aug 2001–July 2002)

Courses taught

  • PG: Syntax, Advanced Syntax, Computational Linguistics, Language Learning-Teaching, Language Technology, Corpus Linguistics, Machine Translation, Pragmatics, Universal Human Values
  • UG: General Linguistics, Grammar, Syntax, Language and Computer, Language Teaching, Universal Human Values


  • Coordinator: PG Diploma in Language Technology, BHU
  • Coordinator: PG Admission Committee in Linguistics, BHU
  • Director:, Summer Immersion in India Program of University of Pennsylvania
  • Warden: Birla-C Hostel, BHU
  • Judge, Spandan, BHU
  • Member: The Teacher’s council, PPC, DRC and Board of Studies in Linguistics, BHU
  • Member: The Board of Studies, SSU Vaaranasi & MGIHU Wardha
  • Organizing Secretary: 18th Himalayan Symposium 2012
  • Member organizing committee: LSI Conference, 2006, ICOSAL 2014
  • Coordinator: National Conference on Localization of Teaching and Learning in Hindi and other Indian Languages, 2015
  • Coordinator: Summer Intership Evaluation Workshop 2014
  • Coordinator: NLP Workshops in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
  • Nodal Supervisor: Mother Tongue Survey of India project on selected non-scheduled languages 2016 -
  • Convenor: DUGC, Department of Humanistic Studies, IIT BHU

Fellowship & Grants

  • Junior Research Fellowship of the University Grants Commission
  • Major Research Project of the University Grants Commission (Grant Rs 6.45 lakh, completed)
  • Human Resource Development Project of MCIT (grant Rs 63 lakh, not executed)


  • Genitives in Hindi. Partridge. 2016.
  • Disambiguation of Particles. Partridge. 2015.
  • Theory of Nouns. Partridge. 2015.

Journal, conference proceedings and book chapters

  • Machine Translation in India. In Tariq Khan edited History of Translation in India. CIIL Mysore. 2017.
  • Cartography of temporal adverbial clauses (with Sanjukta Ghosh and others). In Singh, S. et al. Fabrics of Linguistics. 2017.
  • Machine Translation: Issues and Challenges. A unit in IGNOU textbook on translation. 2014.
  • Na Beyond Negation (with Sanjukta Ghosh). In Proceedings of the ICON-13. Goa. 2013. 
  • Mapping of Temporal Expressions in Hindi- English MT Pair (with Shailendra Kumar). In Apoorva. BHU. 2012.
  • Dialectal Variations in the use of Question Particles in Thai (with P Thwachai), Bharthiar   University. 2010
  • Corpora and Contrastive Study: Evidence from English-Hindi Language Pair (with S. Kumar & Neha Vashishtha). Bharthiar University. 2010
  • How to get the Best Result out of a Machine Translation System: A Case Study of English to Hindi Translation. (with RMK Sinha). Computer Society of India Journal, Vol. 38, Issue No. 4. 2009.
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  • Review of Asim Ranjan Parhi's Indian English Through Newspapers. In Dialogue 2009, Lucknow.
  • On the Choice of Model for Computational Linguistic Research for Indian Languages: Evidence from Terminology Gaps” (with B.N. Patnaik). Gaveshna, CIH, Agra. 2008
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  • Syntax and Semantics of kaa in Hindi (with RMK Sinha). In iSTRANS. New Delhi. 2004.
  • Pre-/postposition selection in text generation for Hindi and other Indian languages for Translation from English (with RMK Sinha). In iSTRANS. New Delhi. 2004.   
  • Hindi as a link language: A case of the Andamanese Hindi (with JC Sharma). Indian Linguistics. 2004.

PhD Guidance

  • Neha Vashishtha: Corpus-based disambiguation for Hindi-English MT
  • Prawit Thongchai: Inter-cultural speech variation in Bangkok Thai
  • Shailendra Kumar: Syntactic divergence in Hindi-English MT
  • Ashok Kumar: Bhojpuri pronominal system
  • Brijesh Yadav (MGIHU Wardha): Named entity recognition in Hindi
  • Shweta Chandra: Anaphoric ambiguity and resolution techniques for Magahi (submitted)
  • Phitak Faengkok: Question particles in Thai (ongoing)
  • Manish Singh: Japanese-Hindi particle divergence (ongoing)