Group Project 2 - Varanasi City

This Group Project would address the living functioning city of Varanasi. It will address urban design, public spaces around ghats, road traffic and transport, and also the temples and people and their behaviour at market place.

List of Projects :
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Development Intelligent AirCooling System
Prof. Rajeev Sangal
Prof. Devendar Singh, Prof. R.K.Mishra, Dr. Pradyumna Ghosh, Dr. M.Z.Khan
12 Months
Pedestrian Flow Characteristics Along Side Walks In IIT (BHU) And Proposed Pathways
Dr. Ankit Gupta
- Nil -
1 Year
Clean Varanasi App
Dr. Ravi Shankar Singh
- Nil -
1 Year
Design Develpment Of Portable Green Solar Cooker
Dr. Santosh Kumar
Dr. Prashant Kumar, Dr. Sandeep Sangal
2 Years
Study Of Banarasi Paan With Special Reference To Pandariba
Prof. R.K. Mishra
Dr. Swasti Mishra, Dr.Amrita Dwivedi
6 Months
Improving Solid Waste Management At IIT(BHU)
Prof. Prabhat Kumar Singh
Dr. Anurag Ohri, Shri Ramesh Singh, Dr. Amrita Dwivedi
2 Years
Adopting River Assi Catchment For Improve Environment Management In Varanasi
Prof. Prabhat Kumar Singh
Dr. Anurag Ohri, Prof. K N.P Raju, Shri Ramesh Singh, Shri K. Chandramouli, Dr.Amrita Dwivedi
2 Years