Group Project 4 - Language, Literature & Ramayana

A study of Ramayana & literature from this city, which at the same time is national as well as universal. Such a study will yield connections with contemporary life leading to an understanding of character, human relationships, family as well as society. Through this, one could incorporate elements in education that enhance human sensibilities and human values.
This project would also be used to connect young people with language and literature of Hindi and other languages spoken in Varanasi and surrounding region.
A translation effort which would use machine translation tools would also be tried. Students from IIT (BHU), BHU and other institutions as well as at large (thru internet) would be involved through crowd sourcing effort.

List of Projects :

Language :
Tiitle of the Project
Name of PI
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World Famous Ramlila Of Ramnagar: The Cultural Heritage Of Varanasi
Prof. P.K. Mishra
- Nil -
Two Years
Machine Readable Dictionary Of Bhojpuri, Magahi And Maithili
Prof. Rajeev Sangal
Dr. Swasti Mishra, Dr. A.K. Singh
5 -7 Months
Resources And Tools For Bhojpuri, Maithili And Magahi Machine Translation System
Dr. Anil Kumar Singh
Dr. Swasti Mishra
3 - 5 Months
Development Of Anusaraka Support Modules
Dr. Anil Kumar Singh
Dr. Sanjukta Ghosh
2 Years
Resources And Tools For Bhojpuri Maithili & Magahi Phase 2-3
Dr. Anil Singh
Dr. Swasti Mishra
6-6 Months( Phase 2 & 3)
Banaras Ke Pramparagat Pesho Ki Shabdawali Ka Sankalan Evam Adhyyan
Prof. Prabhakar Singh
Prof. Sadanand Shahi
12 Months
Science And Math Education
Dr. Mohd. Zaheer Khan Yusufzai
Mr. Manish Jain
1 Year