The centre will initiates innovative and top-quality research focused to the various industries, including, Iron & Steel, Glass, Tiles, and Cement. The centre will boost innovative interventions in the advanced manufacturing domain by enabling an ecosystem among Institutes of higher repute, heavy industries, and also the MSMEs and start-ups. The centre looks for active participation in this ecosystem for collaborative research in the proposed areas. The excellence-centre also houses a Cement bonded castable lab for facilitating the culture of innovation and open engineering. The Cement bonded castable lab invites MSMEs and the Start-ups to grab opportunities of getting end-to-end support from the experts including access to various state-of-the-art facilities for early prototyping of their product. The Centre was established in 2017 to undertake research activities in the areas refractories (both shaped & unshaped), Tiles, and other high-temperature oxide/carbide/nitride materials. The development of know-how and manufacturing technologies of many strategic and advanced refractory materials like oxide base ceramic materials, cement bonded refractories, carbon bonded refractories, etc were taken up by the centre. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, the centre conducts major sponsored research projects and has developed a range of products today and applications, including Iron &steel industry, Glass industry, tile industries, and other ceramic industries. The IIT(BHU)-IRMA Centre of Excellence are expected not only to improve expertise in certain specific areas but also to boost productivity, address emerging skill gaps and align training & research with industry needs to benefit society at large. IIT (BHU)-IRMA Centre of Excellence for Refractories, Varanasi lays a strong emphasis on the sponsored research and industrial interaction. The centre was specifically set up in the Institute to provide specialized administrative and managerial support for the operation of Sponsored Research Projects, Consultancy Jobs, and other related R&D activities. In an effort to encourage research and development at grass root level, undergraduate students at the Institute are encouraged to inculcate their activities towards research while pursuing studies. The Centre has given due emphasis to jobs of varied nature like troubleshooting, product and process development, design checks and investigation of problems of direct relevance to the needs of the country through time-bound Sponsored Research and Consultancy projects. Thus, the Centre of Excellences are powered and driven by Design and Innovation Hub (DIH) at IIT BHU. These are envisioned to be one-stop resource Centre, establish partnership with industry, government and academia and other research organizations..

Skill Development

  • The Centre will improve the skills of employable students and other professionals through industry-focused skill development programmes
  • Conduct advanced research and training at the graduate, masters and doctoral levels.
  • Organize seminars, symposia, workshops, conferences as well as short term training programmes including summer schools and winter schools
  • Conduct collaborative research with Industries and Institution within and outside India

Purpose and Facilities

An independent laboratory initiated by IRMA and IIT BHU which would have extremely high accuracy level, having modern equipments for testing as per procedures of all international specifications and provides quick results as per need of the test and industry.
  • IIT BHU-IRMA has built this Centre of Excellence in Refractories in alignment with the Government’s Make in India initiative to offer independent standard testing facilities between the major, medium and small scale industries.
  • The Centre will improve the skills of employable students and other professionals through industry-focused skill development programmes.
  • Various Lab. available at Centre such as Chemical Analysis Lab, Physical Testing Lab, High temperature Lab, Castable Lab.

Industry Academia Partnership

  • The goal of the centre is to produce skilled globally competent professionals through quality technical education and to prepare them for immediate employment
  • With globally open economy the Industries work with latest technologies and engrossed with knowledge professionals. For a education system, it is necessary that the students get nourishment both for academia for their strong fundamentals and from industries for the latest cutting edge technologies and entrepreneurship. A vibrant Industry-Institute partnership is definitely required for education and technology development.