The Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) is a top-100 university in global rankings and is one of the largest and most internationally diverse universities in the United States. Penn State is the ideal venue for the 1 week of foreign training component of LEAP. During this 1 week at Penn State, the intensive capacity-building learning experience will be led by renowned faculty of the Smeal College of Business and of the College of Education, which touts one of the oldest and largest Centers for the Study of Higher Education in the United States.

Participants will explore the management of Indian higher education institutions with international experts and top-tier faculty from Penn State. The faculty will provide instruction, share knowledge resources, and guide tailored learning activities, including interactive case study, simulated leadership challenges, and guided tours of Penn State facilities that establish the university as one of the world’s leading sites for research and development.  In addition to gaining exposure to the formal curriculum, participants will strengthen their relationship with a network of academic administrators and scholars who are engaged in problem solving and ongoing leadership development.

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