Induction Program Outreach Cell (IPOC) Activities

To prepare for and run the Induction Program, preparation is planned at three tiers: 

(i) One day Awareness Workshop regarding Student Induction for Principal/ Directors/ Managers of Institutions and colleges. It is to make them aware of the concept and details of the Induction Program. 

(ii) 3 days and 7 days Faculty Development (FDP) to train the faculty member so that they can conduct the Human Values group discussions and do mentorship in their respective colleges. The whole workshop is presented in the form of a dialogue/ proposal, whereby a set of proposals about various aspects of living are presented and the participants are encouraged to explore within themselves and verify these on the basis of their natural acceptance and experiential validation on their own right. The focus is towards affecting a qualitative change in the consciousness of the participant, a change in the world-view rather than mere information transfer. 

(iii) 3 weeks Student Induction Program covers various activities like, physical activities, learning a creative art, group discussion on universal human values, visit to local city, lectures by eminent persons, showing a relevant film, cleaning ones surroundings, informal interactions in hostels with senior students and faculty mentors, and of course visit to their chosen department (laboratories & workshops). 

TOPICS covered: 

IIT (BHU) has been trying to identify and to implement the content of right understanding. The topics identified for the Induction Program are based on Self-Observation and are universal in nature (in the form of proposal). Faculty members need to learn these through intensive interactive workshops conducted by resource persons. Some of the topics of the FDP are: Understanding value education, self exploration as the process of discovering values, basic human aspirations- continuous happiness and prosperity, understanding the harmony at four levels- self, family, society and nature. Implications of this understanding, for professional ethics in the light of right understanding and holistic technologies, production & management system.