About Induction Program Outreach Cell (IPOC)

Nation has expectations from its engineering colleges to generate manpower that is (1) well trained in technical knowledge & skills (2) have a holistic outlook and (3) will work for the national needs. The present income UG students have different concerns like: insecurity about one’s future (jobs, livelihood), unsure about their own aspirations (10 goal), lack of relationships with faculty members (generation gap), taking short cuts (dishonesty, cheating), group conflict in campus (leading to violence) and contradictions in society (kathni va karani me bhed). In view of this, newly admitted UG students in Engineering colleges are needed to be inducted with healthy practices to bridge the gap: get students to reflect on their own goals, develop relationship between faculty members and students, inculcate understanding and feeling of responsibility towards national and larger human goals. This will motivate new students towards studies, de-stress them, build bonding with them and make them feel a part of the college and also enlarge their vision beyond themselves to larger society.

Faculty Development Program (FDP) are organized by Induction Program Outreach Cell (IPOC) with support from AICTE regional office. Several state level Induction Program Outreach Cells have been opened, for example in Varanasi, Hyderabad, Pune, New Delhi. Each cell is being run by their respective Coordinator. 

The Functions of state level cells are: 
(a) To plan and organize 3/7 days FDP, 
(b) To identify resource persons to conduct FDP, 
(c) To fix date & venue of FDP, 
(d) To request AICTE regional office to send announcements related to FDP, and 
(e) To coordinate with AICTE and its regional offices.


Expected Outcomes:

(a) The faculty members trained in the workshop would hopefully undergo a transformation and apply the learning’s in their own life.
(b) Faculty members after doing two FDPs (one 3 days & another 7 days) and applying it in his own life would be in a position to conduct the human values classes and play his role as an effective mentor in the mentor-mentee network.