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National Computational Grid


March 06 - 07, 2013

        GARUDA is a collaboration of scientific and technological researchers on a nationwide grid comprising of computational nodes, mass storage and scientific instruments. GARUDA is India’s National Grid Computing Initiative (NGCI). The project funded by Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), is developed and maintained by C-DAC, in collaboration with 70+ partnering institutions.  GARUDA aims to provide e-Infrastructure for technological advances required to enable data and compute intensive science for the 21st century. The Operation Phase GARUDA endeavors to provide a stable, robust and efficient grid environment with guaranteed Quality of Service for various applications.


        GARUDA Workshop titled as GARUDA Boot Camp is for GARUDA Partners/Potential users is being organized at IIT (BHU), Varanasi on 6th & 7th March 2013. This event is jointly organized by IIT(BHU), Varanasi  and Centre for Advanced Computing (C-DAC).


        The purpose of the Boot Camp is to give overview of various Middleware components of GARUDA, Tools, Services and Train the users with hands on demos. Grid computing is an abstraction layer above High Performance Computing System that facilitates co-ordination of sharing resources across different geographical locations under multiple administrative domains.


        The objective of the GARUDA Boot Camps is to initiate and remove inhibition to use GARUDA by the application developers, users an take the feedback to know user requirements. This event is designed to promote GARUDA usage and more application enablement on GARUDA. It is organized for two days with 5 sessions. 


          In this boot camp various topics are presented:

      • HPC & Grid concepts
      • GARUDA Grid overview
      • Grid security & Indian Grid certification Authority (IGCA)
      • Grid Access Methods
      • Tools & Services
      • Application enablement.


        Live Hands-on sessions and demo are arranged for user benefit. The High Performance Computing needs, Grid Computing, Grid Middleware, its functionality and Applications are covered in 1st day of presentation.


        Open Session with participants will be conducted on 7th March 2013 to hear their views on the, support expected from C-DAC and suggestions for improvement. C-DAC  expect that the users, after attending this boot camp should be in a position to use GARUDA resources to run their codes on  GARUDA distributed resources. The users get the important contacts of GARUDA. The users get the knowledge of the available services/resource for the Virtual Community. Also identify possibility of collaboration / Memorandum of understanding with C-DAC.