2-Year M Pharm Programme - Course Structure (Applicable from the year 2017-18 and onward)

Semester 1

Category Course L-T-P Cr.
DC1 PH501: Advanced Instrumental Analysis 3-0-3 12
DC2 PH502: Spectroscopy 3-0-0 9
DE1 PH511/521/531/541 3-0-0 9
DE2 PH512/522/532/542 3-0-0 9
DE3 PH513/523/533/543 3-0-0 9
LM Language 3-0-0 9
  Total Credits in Semester I   57

Semester 2

Category Course/Thesis L-T-P Cr.
DC3 PH503: Drug Regulatory Affairs 2-0-0 6
DC/DE PH530: Applied Pharmacology 3-0-0 9
DE4 PH514/524/534/544 3-0-0 9
DE5 PH515/525/535/545 3-0-0 9
DE6 Elective from other disciplines/specializations 3-0-0 9
PH591 Thesis (One unit) (Two slots of 3-contact hours each, per week)   11
  Total Credits in Semester II   53

Semester 3

Category Thesis L-T-P Cr.
PH691 Thesis (Five units)   55
  Total credits in Semester III   55

Semester 4

Category Thesis L-T-P Cr.
PH692 Thesis (Five units)   55
  Total credits in Semester III   55


 Course Categories
DC: Departmental/Programme Core (Compulsory for all students of the Dept)
DE:  Departmental Elective (Can be selected from other Department/School)
HU/L: Humanities/Language
DT: Thesis
Credit Breakup
Total Theory Credits (57+42): 99
Total Thesis Crédits (11+55+55): 121
Total Programme Credits: 220

List of Specialization-wise Department Elective Courses

Pharmaceutics (51X) Pharmaceutical Chemistry (52X) Pharmacology (53X) Pharmacognosy (54X)
PH511 Advanced Biopharmaceutics PH521 Advances in Drug Synthesis PH531 Advanced Pharmacology PH541 Separation tech. of Bioactives
PH512 Pharmacokinetics PH522 Chemistry of Natural Products PH532 Molecular Pharmacology PH542 Medicinal Natural Products
PH513  Nanopharmaceutics PH523 Medicinal Chemistry of Antiinfectives PH533 Clinical Pharmacology PH543 Evaluation of Natural Drugs
PH514  Novel Drug Delivery Systems PH524 Advanced Medicinal Chemistry PH534 Advances in Neuropharmacology PH544 Medicinal Plant Biotechnology
PH515 Industrial Pharmacy PH525 Computational Drug Design PH535 Toxicology PH 545 Herbal Drug Form. & Standardization