Thermal & Fluid Engg

Thermal group of the department is actively involved in research and development of technology in variety of problems. Research problems on nanofluids, altenate fuels, renewable energy, refrigeration, CFD, Cryotherapy, IC engine etc. are being carried out by the various faculty and research students of the department


  1. Prof. Prashant Shukla
  2. Prof. Pradyumna Ghosh
  3. Prof. Shailendra Kumar Shukla
  4. Dr. Swasti Sunder Mondal
  5. Dr. Jahar Sarkar
  6. Dr. Arnab Sarkar
  7. Dr. Om Prakash Singh
  8. Dr. Jeevan Vachan Tirkey
  9. Dr. Rashmi Rekha Sahoo
  10. Dr. Laltu Chandra
  11. Dr. Amitesh Kumar
  12. Dr. Anubhav Sinha
  13. Dr. Binita Pathak