News Updates
  • Oct. 18 : Prof. T.S. Sudarshan from University of South Carolina USA has visited the department and interacted with faculty
  • members and students
  • July 3-8: QIP Short Term Course on Power System Stability And Control in Smart Grid Architecture
  • Feb 14-20: QIP Short Term Course on Advanced Topics in Robust and Nonlinear Control


Major Achievements
  • Abhishek Kumar, Rakesh Kumar Misra, and Devender Singh "Improving the local search capability of Effective Butterfly Optimizer using Covariance Matrix Adapted Retreat phase" (EBO with CMAR)
  • EBO with CMAR was a first ranked algorithm in competition on real-parameter bound-constrained single objective optimization at IEEE Congress in Evolutionary Computation (CEC-2017), Spain.
  • There was 12 world class algorithms are shortlisted for final comparison. EBO with CMAR got 100 out of 100 score in finals.
  • Second Indian algorithm reached this mark in the history of CEC competition. 
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