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Dr. Amritanshu Pandey
Associate Professor
Department of Electronics Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology
Area of Interest: 
Optoelectronic Devices: Fabrication, Modelling and Simulation , Optical communication: Non Traditional optical fibers, FBG based optical filters, 2D semiconductor based devices: Fabrication and Characterization.

Dr. Amritanshu Pandey is working as Associate Professor in the Dept. of Electronics Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi. He holds the degrees of B.E. (Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from Government Engineering College, Jabalpur), M.Tech (Communication Systems fromI I T Roorkee)., and PhD (Microelectronics from IIT(BHU) Varanasi). He has around 16 years of teaching and research experience in IIT(BHU) Varanasi, MITS Gwalior and ST Mircolectronics Ltd. Noida. He has published around 9 research papers in reputed international Journals and 5 in conferences, and edited 1 conference proceeding. He is on the reviewer panel of many International/ national Journals and Conferences. He is a member of IEEE, Institution of Engineers (India) (IE) and Institution of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE). His research interests Fabrication and Characterization of Optoelectronic Devices , Optical communication Systems and components. Presently he is exploring 2D semiconductor based devices for optoelectronic applications.

Teaching Experience: ~15 Years 

  1. Associate Professor, Dept. of Electronics Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi, From 17.07.2017- till date.
  2. Assistant Professor, Dept. of Electronics Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi, From 07.11.2007 to 17.07.2017.
  3. Assistant Professo/Lecturer, Dept. of Electronics Engineering, Madhav Institute of Technology & Science (MITS) ,Gwalior, From 20.10.2003 to 06.11.2007.

Courses Taught:

Fundamentals of Electronics & Instrumentation,
Introduction to Electronics,
Optical Communication,
Information Theory & Coding,
Wireless Communication,
Digital Circuits and Systems,
Computer Networking

Worked as Associate Design Engineer inCentral Research and Development section of STMicroelectronics Ltd. Noida from April 2000 to October 2003. I have experience in IO library front end design and time and power characterization.

International Journals

  1. Vijay Kumar Singh; Sanjeev Mani Yadav,  Himanshu Mishra;  Rahul Kumar, Radhey Shyam Tiwari,  Amritanshu Pandey, and Anchal Srivastava, “WS2 Quantum Dot Graphene Nanocomposite Film for UV Photodetection”, ACS Applied Nano Materials, (accepted) 2019
  2. Sanjeev Mani Yadav, and Amritanshu Pandey, Highly Efficient and Broadband Hybrid Photodetector Based on 2D Layered Graphene / CTS Quantum Dots, IEEE Trans Electron Device ( accepted) 2019
  3. Amulya Nemoori, Himanshu Mishra, Vijay K. Singh, P. K. Shukla, Anchal Srivastava and Amritanshu PandeyA curious observation of Pauli-Blocking in MoS2-Quantum dots/ Graphene hybrid system, Journal of Applied Physics 124, 124501 (2018);
  4. Amritanshu Pandey and Aditya Bansod, Pd/ZnO Schottky Ultraviolet Photodiode Fabricated on ITO Using rGO Seed Layer, IEEE PHOTONICS TECHNOLOGY LETTERS, VOL. 29, NO. 14, JULY 15, 2017 1191
  5. Amritanshu Pandey, Archana Tripathi, Raghavi, S.K. Srivastava and S. Jit, Analysis of Ternary Layer Photonic Band Gap Tunable Filters for WDM Applications, J. Nanoelectron. Optoelectron.  Volume 12, Number 4, April 2017, pp. 331-336(6)​.
  6. Amritanshu Pandey, D. Somvanshi, and S. Jit, Electrical and Ultraviolet Detection Properties of n-ZnO/p-Si Heterojunction Diodes Using a ZnO Buffer Layer, J. Nanoelectron. Optoelectron., 10, 219-225, 2015.
  7. A. B. Yadav, Amritanshu Pandey, D. Somvanshi  and S. Jit, Sol-Gel Based High Sensitive Pd/n-ZnO Thin Film /n-Si Schottky Ultraviolet Photodiodes, IEEE Trans Electron Device, Vol. 62, No. 6, pp. 1879-1884, 2015.
  8. Amritanshu Pandey, Snehlata Chanchal and S Jit,  “WO3 Nanowire Based Diode for Ultra Violet Light Sensing Applications”, Journal of Electron Devices, Vol. 21, 2015, pp. 1830-1833
  9. Aniruddh Bahadur Yadav, Amritanshu Pandey, and Satyabrata Jit, Pd Schottky Contacts on Sol–Gel Derived ZnO Thin Films With Nearly Ideal Richardson Constant, IEEE Electron Device Letter, vol. 35(7),pp.729-731,2014.
  10. Aniruddh Bahadur Yadav, Kunal Singh, Amritanshu Pandey, S. Jit, Annealing-temperature effects on the properties of ZnO thin films and Pd/ZnO Schottky contacts grown on n-Si (100) substrates by vacuum deposition method, Superlattice and Microstructure, vol.71, pp-250-260, 2014.
  11. D. Somvanshi, Amritanshu Pandey, and S Jit, Ultraviolet detection characteristics of Pd/ZnO thin film based Schottky diodes grown on n-Si substrates, J. Nanoelectron. Optoelectron., 8(4), 349-354, 2013.

 Conference Proceedings:

  1. Rahul Kumar, Vijay Kumar Singh, Himanshu Mishra , Anchal Srivastava, Amritanshu Pandey, UV Photodetector based on Graphene-WS2 Quantum dots, GRAPHENE2018, June 26-30, 2018, Dresden, Germany.
  2. Shaswat Mishra and Amritanshu Pandey, Hybrid Peak-to-Average Power Ratio Reduction Technique for Sub-Carrier Index Modulated OFDM, International Conference on Signal Processing and Communication (ICSPC’17) – 28th & 29th July 2017, COIMBATORE, TAMILNADU, India
  3. A. B. Yadav, R. Shankar, R. Kumar, A. Pandey and S. Jit, Analysis of Temperature Dependent I-V Characteristics of Pd/ZnO/n-Si Schotky Diode by Sol-Gel Method, IEEE conf. Proceeding  , International Conference on Microelectronics, Communication and Renewable Energy (ICMiCR-2013).
  4. H. Mishra, S. K. Srivastava,  and Amritanshu Pandey, “Distance dependent surface Plasmon coupled fluroscence studies using silver nano particles,”  Pp. 255 International conference on nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICNN-2013), 18-20 November 2013 Department of Physical Sciences, BR Ambadakar University, Lucknow.
  5. Rajeev Kumar, Monika Srivastava, A. Pandey, H. Mishra, and S. K. Srivastava, “Tilted One-dimensional Ternary Poly carbonate/InSb/SiO2 Based Photonic Band Gap Materials for terahertz application”, Pg. 255-255, ICOL-20014, International Conference on Optics &  Optoelectronics (XXXI Symposium of Optical Society of India) Instruments Research & Development Establishment Dehradun, 05-08 March 2014, Uttaranchal (India).
  6. Sudeepta Saha, A B Yadav, and Amritanshu Pandey, “ZnO-Graphene nano-structure based UV photodetector,”  ICOL-2014, 5-8 Mrach 2014, IRDE Deharadun INDIA
  7. Archana Tripathi, Raghvi Gupta, Amritanshu Pandey, and Sanjay Srivastava, “Ultra Narrowband Filter for Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing Application,” ICOL-2014, 5-8 Mrach 2014, IRDE Deharadun INDIA
  8. Snehlata Chanchal, Amritanshu Pandey, Vinod Kumar, and Anchal Srivastava, “WO3 nanowires based UV Photo-detector,” ICOL-2014, 5-8 Mrach 2014, IRDE Deharadun INDIA.
  9. Raghvi Gupta, Archana Tripathi, Amritanshu Pandey, and Sanjay Srivastava, “Analysis of effect of helical pitch angles on dispersion and absorption characteristics of helical-metal-clad-circular-core step index fiber,” ICOL-2014, 5-8 Mrach 2014, IRDE Deharadun INDIA.
  10. Rajeev Kumar, Angad S kushwaha, Sanjeev K. Srivastava, A. Pandey, H Mishra and S. K. Srivastava, “Enhancement in  reflection band width and omnidirectional reflection (ODR) bands in one-dimensional graded photonic crystal consisting of birefringent and dielectric materials,” pp. 45 , Photonics-2014 8th international conference on Optoelectronics, Fiber Optics and Photonics, 13-16 December 2014, Organised by IIT Kharagpur, INDIA.

Ongoing Supervision 
Ph.D. (Supervisor)
1. Mr Sanjeev Mani Yadav,  Topic :2D semiconductor based photodetector

Ph.D. (Co-Supervisor)
2. Vijaya K. D. (Co-supervisor)
3. Abhishek Kumar Singh (Co-Supervisor)

M Tech (Co-Supervisor)

Administrative Responsibilities at IIT(BHU):
(Present and Past)

  • Convener, DUGC (Departmental Undergraduate Committee), Oct'2016-till date
  • Admin Warden and Warden from 2011 to 2016
  • Convener, Dept. Time-Table, (July 2011-2017)
  • Member, Institute Time-Table Committee (Dec'2014-June'2015)
  • Purchase Secretary of Department
  • Member, Advisory Committee, Training and Placement Cell, IIT-BHU 
  • Member, Anti-Ragging Squad (ARS)
  • Member, Department Post Graduate Committee (DPGC)


  • Treasurer, IETE Varanasi Sub Chapter
  • Professor Incharge, IETE Gwalior Chapter