Ph.D. Research Guidance:

  Supervisor: Prof. K.K Shukla  
S.No. Name Title of the Thesis/ Topics of Research Status
01. Dr. M. V. N. K. Prasad Domain Decomposition Based Image Compression AWARDED
02. Dr. Arvind Kr. Tiwari New Implementation Techniques of DWT and their Applications to Signal Denoising & Classification AWARDED
03. Dr. P. Roychowdhury New Tunneling Based Learning Algorithms For Neural Nets AWARDED
04. Dr. Amitabh Wahi Neural Network And Fuzzy Logic Applications in Some Classification Problems AWARDED
05. Dr. Arvind Shrivastava Application of Artificial Neural Network in Gas/Odor Identification Using Sensor Array AWARDED
06. Dr. S. P. Sisodia Neural Network Techniques with a Special Reference to Digital System Testing AWARDED
07. Dr. P. K. Singh Intelligent Heating Schedule Controller for SC Furnace (ISM) AWARDED
08. Dr. B. R. K. Rao On New Learning Techniques in Radial Basis Function Neural Networks and Their Applications AWARDED
09. Dr. R.R.Das Neuro-Fuzzy Classifiers for Identification of Gases / Odours AWARDED
10. Dr.Pranab Kr. Muhuri Task Scheduling in Real Time Systems with Fuzzy Uncertainty in Deadlines and Processing Times AWARDED
11. Dr. Sandeep Agrawal Intelligent Scheduling in Real Time Systems AWARDED
12. Dr. Bhaskar Biswas Web Mining AWARDED
13. Dr. Abhigyan Dwivedi Nominal Phrase in Sanskrit and English - A Machine Translation Algorithm AWARDED
14. Dr. Mohanchur Sarkar Performance Enhancement Algorithms for Satellite Interactive Network AWARDED
15. Dr. Bharavi Mishra Data-mining Techniques in Software Engineering AWARDED
16. Dr. (Ms.) Mousumi Dhara Algorithms for Mining Graphs and Sequences AWARDED
17. Dr. (Ms.) Madhushi Verma Heuristic Algorithms for Graphs AWARDED
18. Dr. Jayadeep Pati Software Quality Modeling AWARDED
19. Dr. R.C. Pandey Video Authentication AWARDED
20. Dr. (Ms.) Mridula Verma Large Scale Machine Learning AWARDED


Supervisor: Prof. A.K Tripathi
S.No. Name Title of the Thesis/ Topics of Research Status
01. Dr. Biplob Kumar Sarkar Some Observations on load balanacing allocation of multiple tasks in a Distributed Computing systems AWARDED
02. Dr. Meeta Prakash Some Observations on software Testability AWARDED
03. Dr. Rajnath Singh Some software Reliability and maintainability models AWARDED
04. Dr. Vinayak Srivastava Software Reengineering AWARDED
05. Dr. (Ms.) Manjari Gupta Software Reuse AWARDED
06. Dr. Ratneshwer Component based Software Engineering AWARDED
07. Dr. (Mrs.) Divya Ranjan Reuse in Software Testing AWARDED
08. Dr. Shyam Sunder Pandey Component based software testing AWARDED
09. Dr. Ravi Shankar Singh Distributed Computing AWARDED
10. Dr. Abhishek Mishra Multicore Architecture AWARDED
11. Dr. Karmveer Singh Information Retrieval AWARDED,2013
12. Dr. Lalit Kumar Singh Software Reliability AWARDED 2015
13. Dr. (Ms.) Pratima Singh Software Testing AWARDED 2014
14. Dr. Kamal Sheel Mishra Testing Distributed Software AWARDED 2015
15. Dr. Vinay Kumar Dependability in Software Engineering AWARDED
16. Mr. Ashish Kumar Maurya In Progress Started 2014-15


Supervisor: Prof. R.B. Mishra
S.No. Name Title of the Thesis/ Topics of Research Status
01. Dr.  R. P. Tiwari (School of Biomedical Engineering) Three dimensional representation and control of Artificial lower limb AWARDED, 2001
02.   Dr. S. K. Uppadhyay (School of Biomedical Engineering) ANN based detection and interpretation of EMG/ECG signals AWARDED, 2003
03. Dr. D.P. Ojha (Dept of Applied Mathematics) Optimisation in Mathematical Programming AWARDED, 2004
04. Dr. Sandeep Kumar Semantic Web Service Composition using Multi agent Paradigm AWARDED, 2009
05. Dr. Babita Pandey Intelligent Computing system with Case base Reasoning for EMG based diagnosis AWARDED, 2009
06. Dr. Bireshwar Das Mazumdar Multiagent Model with Data mining methods for negotiation in e-commerce AWARDED, 2010
07. Dr. Vimal Mishra Translation rules, ANN and CBR integrated model for English to Sanskrit machine AWARDED, 2011
08. Dr. Kiran Mishra AI in Intelligent Tutoring System AWARDED
09. Dr. Md. Al. Sami Semantic web services for E-learning AWARDED, 2013
10. Md. Al Hatim Robotic arm manipulator design and control AWARDED
11. Dr. A.K. Dubey Robotic Vision and Speech Processing AWARDED, 2013
12. Dr. Shanawaz Translation Rules, Statistical and Case Based Methods for English to Urdu Machine Translation  AWARDED, 2013
13. Dr. Marwan Mohamed A. Akeel Machine translation(Arabic-Hindi-English) AWARDED, 2014
14. Dr. Sudhakar Tripathi Intelligent Computing Methods in Bioinformatics  AWARDED, 2014
15. Dr. Brijendra Gupta Artificial Intelligence in Bioinformatics  AWARDED, 2014

Supervisor: Prof. Rajeev Srivastava 

S.N. Name Title of the PhD Thesis
Area of Research Work
As a sole Supervisor:
1. Dr. Arvind Kumar Tiwari Efficient and robust feature selection and classification approaches for protein function prediction. AWARDED
Year of Award: 2015
2. Dr. Shailendra Tiwari Design and Development of efficient framework for medical image reconstruction. AWARDED
Year of Award: 2015
3. Dr. Alok Kumar Singh Kushwaha Some new methodologies for moving object segmentation and multi-view human activity recognition for video surveillance system. AWARDED
Year of Award: 2015
4. Dr. Rajesh Kumar Segmentation and detection of cancer from microscopic biopsy images. AWARDED
Year of Award: 2015
5. Dr. Nagendra Pratap Singh Efficient Approaches for Retinal Image Blood Vessels Segmentation and Registration. Awarded, 2017
6. Dr. R. B. Yadav Design of filters for restoration and enhancement of magnetic resonance images (MRI). Awarded, 2017
7. Mr. Vibhav Prakash Singh Design and development of content based medical image retrieval system. Thesis Submitted, May' 2018
8. Ms. Gargi Srivastava Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and NLP (Automatic Image Captioning and Scene Analysis) In Progress
(Registered July'2016)
9. Mr. Roshan Singh Video Surveillance (Human Activity Recognition ) In Progress (Registered July'2016)
10. Mr. Kuntesh K. Jani Medical Image Analysis (Capsule Endoscopy) In Progress (Registered July'2017)
11. Mr. Ankit Kumar Jaiswal Image Forensics In Progress (Registered July'2017)
12. Mr. Surya Kant Singh Image Processing (Salient Object Detection Methods) In Progress (Registered July'2017)
13. Ms. Pratistha Verma Image Processing and Computer Vision In Progress (Registered Dec'2017)
As co-supervisor
14. Mr. Nigmendra Pratap Yadav Image Processing and Computer Vision In Progress (Registered July'2017) (With Prof. R.B. Mishra)
15.    Mr. Ashish Kumar Sharma Image Processing and Computer Vision In Progress (Registered Dec'2017) (With Prof. R.B. Mishra)
16. Ms. Monika Image Processing and Computer Vision In Progress (Registered Dec'2017) (With Dr. Pratik Chattopadhyay)
Supervisor: Prof.  S.K. Singh
S.No. Name Title of the Thesis/ Topics of Research Status
01. Dr. Shrikant Tewari Multimodal biometric recognition for New born AWARDED 2013
02. Dr. Aruni Singh Multimodal Biometrics AWARDED 2013
03. Dr. Y.N. Singh Evaluation of electrocardiogram for biometric applications AWARDED 2013
04. Dr.Subodh  Srivastava Medical Image Processing and Pattern Classification  AWARDED 2014
05. Mr. Santosh Kumar Video Processing Started, 2012-13
06. Mr. R.C. Pandey Video Authetication Started, 2012-13
07. Dr. Ali Imam Abidi Deformable Medical Image Registration AWARDED
(Convocation-2016) Year of Award: 2015
08. Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh Pain Assessment AWARDED
(Convocation-2016) Year of Award: 2015
09. Mr. Debanjan Sadhya Bio-metric Encryption Thesis Submitted
10. Ms. Deepanwita Datta Machine Learning and Recommendation system Thesis Submitted


Supervisor: Dr. Bhaskar Biswas, Associate Professor

S.No. Name Title of the Thesis/ Topics of Research Status
01. Mr. Harish Kumar Shakya Social Networks Analysis Thesis Submitted
02. Dr. Anupam Biswas Social Networks Analysis Awarded
03. Mr. Kuldeep Singh  Social Networks Analysis Thesis Submitted


Supervisor: Dr. R.S. Singh, Associate Professor

S.No. Name Title of the Thesis/ Topics of Research Status
01. Mr. Subhas Chandra Patel Cloud Computing Thesis Submitted
02. Dr. Lokendra S. Umrao High Performance Computing AWARDED (Convocation-2016) Year of Award: 2015
03. Dr. Dharmendra Prasad Mahato   Distributed & Grid Computing AWARDED
04. Mr. Sumit Jaiswal Security in Cloud Computing Thesis Submitted

Supervisor: Dr. Vinayak Srivastava, Asst. Professor
S.No. Name Title of the Thesis/ Topics of Research Status
01. Dr. Ashutosh Mishra Software Engineering and Multiagent Methods AWARDED 2013


 Supervisor: Dr. Sukomal Pal, Assistant Professor

S. No.
Title of the Thesis/ Topics of Research
Ms. Anita Saroj
Social Media, Disaster Management, Social Media with e-Governance
In Progress (Registered July'2016)
Mr. Tribikram Pradhan
Recommender systems
In Progress (Registered Dec'2016)
Mr. Siba Sankar Sahu
Information Retrieval
In Progress (Registered July'2017)
Ms. Akanksha Mishra
Information Retrieval
In Progress (Registered Dec'2017)
Mr. Sushil Kulkarni
Information Retrieval
In Progress (Registered July'2018)
Mr. Supriya Chanda
Information Retrieval
In Progress (Registered July'2018)