Topic : Challenges for accessing Information in a Digital Society (13th December 2017)

Abstract :  New technological developments empower people to lead more self directed lives with more options. On the other hand, new technologies also lead to problematic use or abuse scenarios which can be harmful for society. In recent years, issues like fake news, undue spread of political influence and other unethical uses of information have caused much attention.
The talk discussed issues relating to such challenges and solutions. Especially content classsification technologies carry the potential for "good"and "bad"use scenarios.In addition, information literacy of new advanced tools was discussed.

Date : December 13, 2017
Speaker : Dr. Thomas Mandli
Professor, University of Hildesheim, Germany
( Dr. Mandli is Professor for Information Science. He is teaching within the programme International Information Management )

Topic : Databases, Analytics, Operation Research, Cryptography, Blockchain on 4th Aug 2017

Dr. Krishna Ratakonda
IBM Fellow and CTO Blockchain Solutions

Topic : Software Defined Networks on 6th Jan 2018

Dr. Mayank Pandey
Associate Professor
Dept of CSE, MNNIT Allahabad, UP, India

Dr. Vidya Durai
Head, L&D Division
Bank of New York-Mellon Group of Companies (India)

Prof. C N Krishnan
Program Director
AU-KBC Research Centre, Anna University Chennai