Sponsored Projects (Ongoing) [Tile, PI/Co-PI, Sponsoring agency, Amount]

S. No Name of  Investigator Title of Projects Funding Agency Amount (Rs.) Year
1 Dr. M. R. Majhi Development of Al2O3-ZrO2-SiO2 refractories for glass industry IIT(BHU)- Research & Development Grant 14.66 Lacs 2016
2 Dr. Imteyaz Ahmed Development of a high throughput processing for CIGS PV absorber films by spray pyrolysis of pre-synthesised nanoparticle ink DST-SERB Early Career Research (ECR) Award 47 Lakh 2016-19
3 Dr. Imteyaz Ahmed A Modular Setup for I-V Characteristics Measurement of Solar Cells Center for Energy and Resource Development 7 Lakh (2016-2018)
4 Dr. Imteyaz Ahmed Development of field assisted sintering technique for ceramics Institute Seed Gant 10 lakh 2016-17
5 Dr. Imteyaz Ahmed In-situ Electron Microscopy at Atomic Scale for Understanding Nucleation, Growth and Interfaces of Omega Phase DST-SERB 80 lakh 2016


Dr. Preetam Singh 

Novel Electrode Materials for Reversible Alkali-ion (Li+/Na+) capacitors and Pseudocapacitors SERB, India - 2016
7 Dr. Santanu Das Seamless Synthesis of large-area 2D transition metal di-chalcogenide semiconductors and their applications in next-generation high-performance SERB/DST 49.6 Lakhs 2016
8 Dr. Santanu Das Amplification Charge transport at the interface for supercapacitor devices CERD/DST 11.5 Lakhs  
9 Dr. Santanu Das Design and Innovation Cell: Graphene based high performance field effect transistor devices   4.0 Lakhs