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Dr. Rathindra Mohan Banik
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Enzyme Engg., Food Engineering, Fermentation Technology
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Dr. Pradeep Srivastava
Professor (On deputation)
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Microbial Engg., Bioreactor Kinetics, Modelling & Scaleup, Downstream Processing, Recombinant Proteins, Drug Delivery Techniqu, Tissue Engineering and IPR & Technology Transfer
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Dr. Vikash Kumar Dubey
Professor & Coordinator
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Cell Death Pathways and Diseases; Protein Biochemistry; Protein Engineering, Biochemical Parasitology; Isolation and Purification of Commercially Important Enzymes
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Dr. Abha Mishra
Associate Professor
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Protein Chemistry, fermentation technology and Intellectual property rights (IPR).
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Dr. Vishal Mishra
Assistant Professor
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Wastewater engineering, Bio remediation and Food Technology
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Dr. Ashish Kumar Singh
Assistant Professor
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Bacterial genetics, gene expression, small bio-molecules and metagenomics.
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Dr. Sanjay Kumar
Assistant Professor
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Bioprocess development in biofuels and therapeutic protein, Biological analysis of water/wastewater
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Dr. Pranjal Chandra
Assistant Professor and Ramanujan Fellow
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Bio-Physio Sensors, Nanobioengineering, Device Designs, Healthcare Technologies, Material Engineering for Diverse Applications