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Dr. Shail Upadhyay
Associate Professor
Department of Physics ,IIT (BHU)
Area of Interest: 
Experimental Materials Science , Electroceramics

Courses taught :

Title Level
Advanced Materials Characterization Techniques Ph.D.
Classical And Quantum Physics
Condensed  Matter  & Materials Physics PG ( M.Sc. II Year)
Materials Science (Theory & Lab) PG (M.Sc. II Year)
Physics of Materials UG ( IMD Part-III)
Atomic Physics & Nuclear Engineering UG ( IMD Part-III)
Quantum Physics UG ( IMD Part-II)
Physics Lab UG ( IMD Part-II)
Engineering Physics UG (B.E. Part-I)
Physics (Classical & Quantum  Mechanics and Relativity) UG (B.Tech.Part-I)
Human Values UG (B.Tech.Part-I)
Physics Lab (Mechanics) UG (B.Tech.Part-I)
Physics Lab (Optics) UG (B.Tech.Part-I)


Fields of Interest:

  1.  Materials Science
  2.  Electronic Ceramics
  3.  Magnetic fluid
  4.  Electrolytes for SOFC


List  of Publications of Mr. Jawed Ansaree

  1. Upendra Kumar, Md. Jawed Ansaree   and   Shail Upadhyay,  Structural and optical characterization of nanopowders of BaSnO3 synthesized by an aqueous sol-gel method, Processing and applications of the ceramics (Accepted)
  2. Md.Jawed Ansaree, Upendra Kumar   and   Shail Upadhyay,   Solid-state synthesis of nano-sized Ba(Ti1-xSnx)O3 powders, Appl. Phys. A (2017) 123-432
  3. Atul Kumar Verma, Upendra Kumar, Md. Jawed Ansaree and Shail Upadhyay, Low temperature synthesis and characterization of nanocystalline powders of Ni doped barium stannate system, BaSn1-xNixO3 , Journal of Ceramic Processing Research 17 (2017) 1~8
  4. Md.Jawed Ansaree and  Shail Upadhyay, Study of phase evolution and dielectric properties of Sn doped barium titanate Ansaree and Emerging Materials Research 6 (2017) 21-28
  5. Md.Jawed Ansaree and Shail Upadhyay, High temperature electrical characterization of nano-crystalline BaTiO3 synthesized using Ba(NO3)2 and TiO2 Integrated ferroelectric  176 (2016) 184-201
  6. Md. Jawed Ansaree and Shail Upadhyay, Electrical characterization of porous La-doped BaSnO3 using impedance spectroscopy Ionics 2015 21 (10)2825-2838