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Dr. Sandip Chatterjee
Department of Physics Engineering,IIT (BHU)
Area of Interest: 
Topological Insulator, High Tc Superconductors and Colossal Magneto-resistive materials, Heavy Fermion System, Critical Behavior, Strong Electron Co-relations in Solids

Address: Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology (Banaras Hindu University), Varanasi 221005
Mobile: +91 9453764478; 

B. Sc. 1989, University of Calcutta (Subject: Physics)
M. Sc. 1991, University of Calcutta (Subject: Physics (Specialization: Condensed Matter Physics))
Ph. D. 1997, IACS, Kolkata (Degree Awarded by Jadavpur University)

Present Status: Professor, Department of Physics, IIT (Banaras Hindu University), Varanasi (Since September, 2015).

Previous Positions, Teaching & Research Experience:

Associate Professor, Department of Physics, IIT (Banaras Hindu University), Varanasi
Associate Professor, Department of Applied Physics, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
Lecturer, Govt. College of Engineering & Textile Technology, Hooghly, West Bengal
CSIR-POOL Scientist, IACS, Kolkata
Visiting Fellow, Department of CMP and MS, TIFR, Mumbai
Post Doctoral Fellow, Department of Physics, National Sun Yat Sen University, Taiwan


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Present Group Members:

Research Associates:

1. Dr. Surajit Ghosh (Institute PDF)

PhD Students:

1. Mr. Vinod Gangwar
2. Ms. Prajyoti Singh
3. Ms. Mahima Singh
4. Mr. Mohd Alam
5. Ms. Labanya Ghosh
6. Ms. Srishti Dixit
7. Mr. Satya Vijay 
8. Mr. Dheeraj Kumar
9. Mr. Rahul Singh
10. Ms. Neha Patel

M. Tech. Student:

1. Ms. Asmitha ​

Former Group Members:

Research Associates:

1. Dr. Shiv Kumar (Institute PDF)

PhD Students: In Brackets Current position

1. Dr. Gopeshwar Dhar Dwivedi (PDF at National Sun Yat-sen University,Taiwan)
2. Dr. Prashant Shahi (Asst. Professor at Deen Dayal Upadhayay University, Gorakhpur, U.P., India)
3. Dr. Abhishek Kumar (Technical Officer, Magnetic Observatory, Indian Institute of Geomegnatism, Alibagh, Maharastra, India )
4. Dr. Shiv Kumar (PDF at HiSOR, Hiroshima University, Hiroshima, Japan)
5. Dr. Kaushal Shukla (Asst. Professor, Govt. Engineering College, Ajamgarh, U.P., India)
6. Dr. Satyam Kumar (Asst. Professor(Ad Hoc), Delhi University, New Delhi, India )
7. Dr. Abhishek Singh (National PDF at TIFR, Mumbai, INDIA)
8. Dr. Rahul Singh (National PDF at BARC, Mumbai, INDIA)
9. Dr. Prince Kumar Gupta 
10. Dr. Arkadeb Pal​ (PDF at IIT-Madras)

M. Tech. Students:
1. Mr.Dhiraj Daga
2. Ms. Debasmita Mukherjee
3. Ms. Anusha Medibonia
4. Ms. Sree Mansa
5. Mr. Rahul K. Singh
6. Mr. Ankit Bhandari
7. Mr. Shashank Chaturvedi
8. Ms. Geet Mehta
9. Mr. Neeraj Soni
10. Mr. Saurabh Kumar
11. Mr. James Laurembam
12. Mr. Jayraj Rohit


Courses (presently teaching in Even Semester, 2018-19):

For IDD, IMD and B. Tech: Classical, Quantum and Relativistic Mechanics, Condensed Matter Physics, X-ray-Crystallography
For Ph.D: Advanced Condensed Matter Physics, Nano Materials


  • A systematic study on the correlation between structural, magnetic and electrical properties of multiferroic Cd­1-xAxV2O4 and Bi(Mn1-xAx)O3 [A=Fe, Co, Ni] both in bulk and nano phases, BRNS, DAE, 2014-2017 : 20 lakh
  • A systematic investigation on Transport and Magnetic properties of LiV(Cu1-xVx)O4: A change over from Multiferroic to heavy Fermion metallic state, CSIR, New Delhi, 2010-2013: 19.56 lakh


  • Observation of change-over from heavy fermion metallic state to a superconducting state, DST, 2009-2012: 32.35 lakh


Lab Facility

  • Transport and Dielectric Measurement Set Up (Sourcemeter, LCR meter, Nanovoltmeter, Electrometer)
  • Hall and MR Measurement Set Up 
  • Thermoelectric Measurement Set Up
  • 1.5 Tesla Electromagnet
  • Close Cycle He Cryostat (2)
  • Scanning Tunneling Microscope
  • Lock In Amplifier
  • Vacuum Systems (Rotary pumps, Diffusion Pump, Turbo molecular Pump)
  • Furnaces and Ovens (2 Zone Furnace, Muffle Furnace, Tube Furnace, Vacuum Oven)
  • Spin Coater
  • Hydrothermal Autoclave
  • Ultrasonicator​
  • Refrigerator

Departmental Facility

  • Spectrofluorometer (PL)
  • FTIR
  • XRD
  • UV-Visible Spectrometer
  • PLD

Central Facility 

  • XPS