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Dr. Rajeev Singh
Assistant Professor
Department of Physics
Area of Interest: 
Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Computers, Scientific Computation

Research Interests

  • Open Quantum Systems and Non-equilibrium Physics
    • Physical realizations of quantum computers (theory)
    • Non-equilibrium quantum dynamics
  • Scientific Computation
    • Matrix product state (MPS) and DMRG methods
    • Machine learning states of quantum matter

Publications (Google Scholar)

Academic Timeline

Position/Program Institution Year
Assistant Professor Department of Physics,
Indian Institute of Technology,
(Banaras Hindu University),
Varanasi, India
Ramanujan Fellow Department of Physics,
Indian Institute of Technology,
(Banaras Hindu University),
Varanasi, India
Postdoctoral Fellow Department of Physics,
Bar-Ilan University,
Ramat Gan, Israel

    Dr. Efrat Shimshoni
    Dr. Emanuele Dalla Torre

Postdoctoral Fellow Max Planck Institute for the
Physics of Complex Systems,
Dresden, Germany

Mentor: Dr. Frank Pollmann

Integrated Ph.D. The Institute of Mathematical
Sciences, Chennai

Mentor: Dr. Sitabhra Sinha

M.Sc. (Prev.) Physics Hindu College,
University of Delhi
B.Sc. (Hons.) Physics Hindu College,
University of Delhi
XII (CBSE) Sunbeam School, Varanasi 2002
X (CBSE) Sunbeam School, Varanasi 2000


  • Ninad Kailas Dongre, Summer (2017), Master (2017-)
  • Satyam Shekhar Jha,  Summer (2018), UG Honours (2017-18), Master (2018-)
  • Vineesha Srivastava, UG* (2017-18), Master (2018-)
  • Gautam Kamalakar Naik*, UG Honours (2017-18)
  • Ashutosh Pal, Exploratory ( 2017-18), UG Honours (2018-)
  • Abhijit Chaudhari*, UG Honours (2018-)
  • Shashank Sharma, Exploratory (2017-18), UG (2018-)
  • Richa Goyal, UG (2018-)
  • Vedant Kashyap, Exploratory (2018-19)
  • Kavita Patel, Exploratory (2018-19)
  • Sai Seshank Bandaru, Exploratory (2018-19)
  • Parag Sharma, Exploratory (2018-19)


Former Members

  • Suman Aich, UG Honours (2017-18) => Master with Gauhar
  • Asmitha M, UG (2017-18) => Master with Prof. Chatterjee
  • Abhishek Raj, Master (2016-18) => PhD, CUNY, New York
  • Astha Jain, Exploratory (2017-18) => UG Honours with Gauhar​

From Other Institutions

  • Devanshu Shekhar, NIT Calicut, Winter (2018)
  • Suvas Chandra, IIT Bombay, Winter (2018)
  • Kunal Rai, IISER Bhopal, Winter (2018)
  • Debmalya Bandyopadhyay, IISER Kolkata, Summer (2018)
  • Mayank Joshi, BHU, Summer (2018)
  • Mayank Sharma, BHU, Summer (2018)
  • Titiksha Kumari, IISER Bhopal, Winter (2017)
  • Amlan Datta, IISER Kolkata, Summer (2017)
  • Abhishek Dubey, IISER Kolkata, Summer (2017)

2018-19 Even Semester

H102 Universal Human Values - II
PHY304 Computational Physics (Syllabus)
PHY305 Advanced Quantum Mechanics (Syllabus, Assignment 1, Assignment 2, Assignment 3)


H101 Universal Human Values - I: 2018-19 (odd)
PHY102 Introduction to Engineering Electromagnetics: 2017-18 (odd), 2018-19 (odd)
PHY201 Quantum Physics: 2018-19 (odd)
PHY304 Computational Physics: 2016-17 (even), 2017-18 (even)
PHY305 Advanced Quantum Mechanics: 2016-17 (even), 2017-18 (even)
PHY302 Relativistic Electrodynamics: 2017-18 (odd)
PHY502 Advanced Classical Mechanics and Electrodynamics: 2017-18 (odd)
PHY503 Advanced Experimental Physics: 2018-19 (odd)
PHY504 Advanced Mathematical and Computational Physics: 2017-18 (even)
PHY523 Quantum Phase Transition: 2017-18 (even)
AP7102 Mathematical Physics: 2016-17 (even)


  • spin computations, for developing code to perform exact diagonalization of XXZ Hamiltonian and calculating entanglement entropy
  • quantum optics, for basic commutation algebra using python library sympy
  • quantum ising, for exact solution using Jordan-Wigner and Bogoliubov transformations


Python has become the primary computation language for me and I mostly use the Anaconda Distribution. For access to more diverse analytical tools I sometimes use SageMath.

My Cluster (, local access only)

The are currently four nodes, each with 64GB RAM. The compute nodes can only be accessed from master. The /home and /software folders are shared among the nodes.

  nCores clock (GHz)
master 20 2.2
compute2-3 16 2.1
compute4-6 20 2.2