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Dr. Manisha Malviya
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry, IIT-BHU
Area of Interest: 
Electro-Organic synthesis, Ionic liquids,Organic and nano catalysts for their application in photoelectrochemistry, alkaline and alcohol fuel cell, Corrosion, high performance polymers.

  1. Effcient one‑pot synthesis of substituted diphenyl 1, 3‑thiazole through multicomponent reaction by using green and efcient Iron‑catalyst via Cross‑Dehydrogenative Coupling(CDC) Manjit Singh1  · Vijay B. Yadav2  · Mohd Danish Ansari2  · Manisha Malviya1  · I. R. Siddiqui.
  2. Manjit Singh, Vijay B. Yadav, Mohd Danish Ansari,Manisha Malviya, and I. R. Siddiqui. Green and Efficient Iron-Catalysed Synthesis of Polyfunctionalized Benzofuran-4(5H)-one Derivatives via Cross-Dehydrogenative Coupling, Chemistry Select 2020, 5, 1– 6.
  3.  Ag–Cu Bimetallic Nanoparticles as Efficient Oxygen Reduction Reaction Electrocatalysts in Alkaline Media Alkadevi Verma, Rajeev Kumar Gupta , Madhulata Shukla, Manisha Malviya ∗ and Indrajit Sinha ∗, J. Nanosci. Nanotechnol. 20, 1–8, 2020.
  4. Functionalized graphene oxide as a new generation corrosion inhibitor for industrial pickling process: DFT and experimental approach Rajeev Kumar Gupta a, Manisha Malviya**, K.R. Ansari, H. Lgaz, D.S. Chauhan , M. A. Quraishi, Materials Chemistry and Physics 236 (2019) 121727.
  5. Enhanced electron transfer mediated detection of hydrogen peroxide using a silver nanoparticle–reduced graphene oxide–polyaniline fabricated electrochemical sensor. RSC Adv., 2018,8, 619-631 .Vijay Kumar,a  Rajeev Kumar Gupta,b  Ravi Kumar Gundampati,c  Devendra Kumar Singh,a  Sweta Mohan,a  Syed Hadi Hasan*b  and  Manisha Malviyab .
  6. 5.Biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles from the novel strain of Streptomyces Sp. BHUMBU-80 with highly efficient electroanalytical detection of hydrogen peroxide and antibacterial activity. Rajeev KumarGuptaa1VijayKumarb1Ravi KumarGundampatid1ManishaMalviyaaSyed HadiHasanb, Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 5 (2017) 5624–5635. 
  7. *Pyridine based functionalized graphene oxides as new class of corrosioninhibitors for mild steel: Experimental and DFT approach. Rajeev Kumar Gupta, Manisha Malviya,Chandrabhan Verma,Neeraj K. Gupta, and M.A. Quraishi, . RSC Adv., 2017, 7, 39063.  
  8. Oxygen reduction reaction on anisotropic silver nanoparticles in alkaline media R.K. Gupta, A.D. Verma, M. Malviya* and I. Sinha, Chemical Physics Letters, 680,May 2017, 94-100. DOI: 10.1016/j.cplett.2017.05.031.
  9.  *Aminoazobenzene and diaminoazobenzene functionalized graphene oxides as novel class of corrosion inhibitors for mild steel: Experimental and DFT studies,Rajeev Kumar Gupta,ManishaMalviya,ChandrabhanVerma, M.A.Quraishi, Materials Chemistry and Physics, 198, (1) september 2017, 360-373.
  10. Nand L. Rajak and Manisha Malviya, Polyaryletherketone: Ageing Effect on Physicomechanical and Thermal properties, Canchemtrans. 1  (3) 202-214, 2013.
  11. M. Malviya, Chemistry of arsenic with rocks: Hutti-Maski schist belt as an evidence, Scifronts; Vol. III,(3); Dec 2009.
  12. *Polypyrrole and La1-xSrxMnO3 (0 ≤  x  ≤ 0.4) composite electrodes for electroreduction of oxygen., R. N. Singh, M. Malviya, Anindita, A. S. K. Sinha and P. Chartier, Electrochmica Acta, 52 (2007)  4264.
  13. *Electrochemical characterization of composite films of polypyrrole and La1-xSrxCoO(0 ≤ x ≤ 0.4) for electrocatalysis of O2 reduction, R N Singh*, M. Malviya & Anindita, Indian Journal of Chemistry, 46A (2007) 1923-1928.
  14. *Electrochemical characterization of composite films of LaNiO3 and polypyrrole  for electrocatalysis of O2 reduction., M. Malviya , R.N. Singh and P. Chartier , J. New Materials  for Electrochem. Syst., 10 (2007) 181-186 .  
  15. *Electrochemical characterization of polypyrrole/cobalt ferrite composite films for oxygen reduction. M. Malviya, J. P. Singh and R.N.Singh*, Ind. J. Chem., 44A , (2005) 2233.
  16. *Transport behaviour of Cl- in composite films of polypyrrole and CoFe2O4 obtained for oxygen reduction. M. Malviya, J. P. Singh, B. Lal and R. N. Singh*; J. New Materials  for Electrochem. Syst., 8 (3) (2005) 221. IF:0.843.
  17. *Electrocatalytic activity of electrodeposited composite films of polypyrrole and CoFe2Onanoparticals towards oxygen reduction reaction. B. Lal, M. Malviya and R. N. Singh*; Electrochimica  Acta, 49 (2004) 4605.

Ph.D. [with Prof. R.N.Singh]: BHU [2003-2007]
M.Sc.: Bhopal [2003]
B.Sc-Integrated.:  Regional Institute of Education, Bhopal [2001]

Professional Profile
Assistant Professor:  Indian Institute of Technology (Banaras Hindu University) Varanasi [2007-till date]​

1. Mr. Rajeev Gupta      September  2012  ( completed) 
2. Ms. Neetu Verma         July 2018 (ongoing)
3. Mr. Sarvatej Maurya    January 2019 (ongoing)
4. Mr. Manjit Singh     July 2019 ( ongoing)
5. Ms. Amisha Soni  March 2020 ( ongoing) Co supervisor