Services Available

  • Compute Servers: Two Linux based and one windows based.
  • Compute – 1 : ( R-930 Server, 4U from factor, OS - Red hat 7.3).
  • Compute – 2 :( R-730 Server, 2U from factor, OS - Red hat 7.2).
  • Compute – 3 : ( R-730 Server, 2U from factor, OS – Windows Server 2012 R2).

  • Webserver: Apache Server is installed with High Availability Resilient Storage Add on.

  • LDAP Server: LDAP Server has been configured for user creation and authentication. A web based UI has been installed for adding users and managing their passwords by themselves.

    • SAN Storage Server:
    • Dell SC4020 Storage with FS8600 NAS
    • Two controllers running in an active-active mode with automatic failover to each other in case of one controller failure with 20 TB on SAS 10K RPM drives and 100 TB on NL-SAS drives..

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