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Dr. K.K.Srivastava
Designation: Professor
Specialization: Transfer Processes,Process Engg. & Design
Courses Offered Process Engineering, Transport Phenomena,History of Science and Technology, Heat Transfer Operations, Fluidization Engineering
Phone No.:
Research Publications/ Books (with details)
  1. K.K.Srivastava and U.Shankar, Study of Heat Transfer in Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger, Proc.4th Nat. Heat and Mass Transfer Conf., Roorkee, 70, 661,1977
  2. M.Mohan and K.K.Srivastava, Effect of Free and Forced Convection on Rotating Channel Bounded Below by a Permeable Bed, Proc. Ind. Acad. Sci., Ser. A, 87A, 147, 1978.
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  16. P.K.Mishra,Sukesh Kumar and K.K.Srivastava, Descending Particle Flux in Freeboard Region of Gas Fluidized Bed, Proc. International Conference on Heat and Mass Transfer, IIT Guahati, 2002.
  17. P.K.Mishra, V. Singh, Y. Tiwari and K.K.Srivastava, Heat Transfer to Horizontal Tubes in the Free Board of Gas Fluidized Bed,Accepte for Publication in IIChE Journal.
Conference/ Seminars/ Symposia Attended:
  1. Fourth National Heat and Mass Transfer Conference, Roorkee, 1977
  2. Seminar on Transport Phenomena, Varanasi, 1978
  3. 31st Annual Session IIChE, Cochin, 1978.
  4. 32nd Annual Session IIChE, Bombay, 1979.
  5. Fifth National Heat and Mass Transfer Conference, Hyderabad,, 1980.
  6. IIChE and AIChE Joint Symposium, New Delhi, 1984.
  7. Seminar on Energy Conservation in Process Industries, Roorkee, 1985.
  8. Conference On Thermal Systems, Varanasi, 1986.
  9. Seminar on Transfer Processes in Multiphase Systems, Varanasi, 1987.
  10. Seminar on Recent Advances in Biochemical Engineering, Varanasi, 1989
  11. Seminar on Research and Development in Indian Chemical Industries, Varanasi, 1989.
  12. Chemical Engineering Congress, Thiruvananthpuram, 1989.
  13. Chemical Engineering Congress, Varanasi, 1990.
  14. Workshop on Safety and Hazard in Process Industries, Varanasi, 1992.
  15. National Symposium on Advances in Chemical Reaction Engineering, Varanasi, 1997.
  16. National Symposium on Chemical Engineering Education and Research: Strategy for the Future, Varanasi, 1998.
  17. National Conference on Recent Advances in Waste Management, Varanasi, 2000.
Membership of Societies:
  1. Distinctions/Prizes/Awards/Medals/Honours, etc.: Nil
  2. Administrative Posts Held
  3. Warden/Admin. Warden , Nov.1992 to Nov.1998 (6 Years)
  4. Member, Advisory Committee of C.A.S. Programme, Department of Chemical Engg and Technology, I.T., B.H.U.
  5. General Secretary, Teacher's Association, B.H.U., 1992 - 1994
  6. Convenor, I.T. Teacher's Association, 1991 - 1992
  7. Member, Vigilant Committee, University Examinations, 1996 -1998
  8. Member, University Committee on NTEA Demands, 1996
  9. Chairman, U.G. Syllabus Modernisation Committee, 1997
  10. Coordinator, B.H.U. Press, 1999
  11. Chairman, Departmental P.G. Syllabus Committee, 2000
Conferences / Seminars / Symposia / Workshops Organised:
  1. Organising Secretary, Seminar on Fertiliser Industry: Process Problems and Perspectives, BHU, Varanasi, 1987
  2. Organising Secretary, Seminar on Indian Fertiliser Scenario: Options for the Future, BHU, Varanasi, 1996
  3. Convenor, National Conference on Separation in Process industry, BHU, Varanasi, February 2003
Resource Person
  1. FAI Seminar on Cooling Tower Design, Kalol, 1987
  2. ISTE Summer School, Udaipur, 1989
  3. X IFFCO Professors Conference, BHU, Varanasi, 1999
  4. Summer School on Catalyst Charracterisation, Kinetics and Reactor Design, BHU, 2000
  5. National Worksop on Hazardous Waste Management, Varanasi, 2002
  6. National Workshop Vehicular Pollution, Varanasi, 2002